With the UE Wonderboom, Logitech and Ultimate Ears present a new Bluetooth speaker with a robust and waterproof housing. The compact and lightweight loudspeaker is designed to provide a recharge time of approximately 10 hours. As a recommended selling price, the manufacturer here calls 99 euros.
 New and beautiful Bluetooth speakers Logitech UE Wonderboom
Logitech and the subsidiary company Ultimate Ears present today the new Bluetooth speaker Wonderboom. The Bluetooth speaker is the latest member of the UE family of the well-known peripherals manufacturer, whose trademarks include 360-degree sound, robustness and water resistance. Despite its very compact size, the Wonderboom is also supposed to deliver powerful and clear sounds with rich basses.

The new Bluetooth speaker is now offered by Logitech in six color variants on the German market. Interested parties can choose between Stone (gray), Phantom (black), Fireball (red), SubZero (blue), Cashmere (pink) and Purple. Apart from this color diversity, however, the manufacturer especially applies the robust construction and the IPX7 certification from Wonderboom. The loudspeaker should be able to easily climb falls from a height of up to two meters and not only be waterproof (up to 30 minutes in up to one meter of water depth) but also dustproof, shockproof and buoyant.

 New and beautiful Bluetooth speakers Logitech UE Wonderboom
The characteristics of the UE Wonderboom make the small Bluetooth speaker an ideal companion for almost all living situations, which can also be affected by dirt and water. The device offers a Bluetooth range of up to 33 meters as well as a recharge time of approximately 10 hours and weighs only 425 grams. A loop loops on the top of the device for convenient carrying comfort. The Wonderboom is recharged via a supplied micro-USB cable, with a full charge cycle of almost 3 hours.

 New and beautiful Bluetooth speakers Logitech UE Wonderboom
After pairing with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer that plays the music, you can change songs directly to the Wonderboom by simply tapping or pausing. In addition, two speakers can be connected together to produce even more powerful stereo sound. In general, it is also worth mentioning that Logitech plans for the entire Ultimate Ears family to present new functions in the form of free software updates. The UE Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker from Logitech is now available at a recommended retail price of 99 euros (RRP) in Europe.

First impression after 5 days of use

It is amazing what this small speaker can do. Even at moderate volume, the UE Wonderboom can already completely soundproof a medium-sized room. Our first impression is consistently positive. Everything works exactly as Logitech and Ultimate Ears promise. A simple connection with the smartphone, the simple control and the equally uncomplicated coupling of two Wonderboom loudspeakers can convince in the first test. As expected, we also find a well-balanced sound and for this compact format decent bass (bass). This is perfect for the next garden party, the beach holiday or a visit to the park.

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