Nadella: Microsoft has not given up its own smartphones yet

Windows Phone is dead and a classic smartphone, as we know it today from most vendors, Microsoft will not give it either. And today we’re talking about a new┬áNadella.

However, the smartphone market has not yet been abandoned. If Microsoft is coming to the market with a new “phone“, and Nadella is sure that Microsoft will do it, then it will be completely new. It will not look like a smartphone we know.
Nadella: Microsoft has not given up its own smartphones yet

Nadella emphasizes the success of surface devices. Before Microsoft, there was no (as good as no) manufacturer who had 2-in-1 devices on the screen and now there are many of them. So a new product category would like to create with Windows for mobile devices. The product category “Windows Phone” has now also disappeared from the list of products and services in which you invest. This platform is for Microsoft’s final history. There are other plans.

Microsoft: “first class” apps for Android and iOS

Currently, the focus is on the few Windows smartphones that still exist. Nadella calls HP an important partner. Microsoft has the business customers in mind and especially the Continuum, where the smartphone can also be used as a desktop. And I’m sure this feature is meant with the new product category. And Microsoft is still experimenting and still, a lot of months will pass until there is a final product.

Nadella: Microsoft has not given up its own smartphones yet

In addition to its own hardware with its own OS, you are also concentrating on Android and iOS at the moment and would like to be sure that all your apps are in a “first class” quality. This is currently even so far, that one has started selling Android smartphones in the store.

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