Motorola Moto G5: First impressions and Hands-on

Introduced last February, and launched in March, the Motorola Moto G5 has been considered, from the outset, one of the kings of the mid-range market. And it’s not for less, at least as far as quality is concerned, as we can find it, today, for less than 200 euros, a very recommendable price.

Well, yesterday we got this Motorola Moto G5 and, after the first day of contact, we bring you our first impressions. And, of course, in a few days, you can enjoy the complete and detailed analysis of the terminal here, on

Motorola Moto G5: simple, good and cheap

Motorola Moto G5: First impressions and Hands-on

Yes, it is a phrase so used today that, perhaps, lose some value, but is that this time is fulfilled to perfection. The normal thing would be to start talking about its design but, after a day of use, I almost had to do it in the software section. As usual, comes with Android Nougat factory, which has provided us with an experience of use in these early hours of outstanding. We speak of the version of 3 GB of RAM, model that we are testing and that, without a doubt, is fulfilling.

With an aluminum body covered with plastic edges, surely not outstanding for its design, something basic and, perhaps, breaking with the line that triumphs today. It is possibly the point in which less emphasizes and is that, it counts on a small but that it is necessary to comment: its marks. Excessive, no matter where you look, is something that catches the eye at first glance and, despite being able to delete the buttons on the screen making use of the fingerprint sensor (which I was very pleasantly surprised), are still too large.

Motorola Moto G5: First impressions and Hands-on

Finally, entering a little in the photographic section, the first impressions with the main camera of this Motorola Moto G5 leave us somewhat cold and is that the quality, being basic, it could be better. Although, as we have said at the beginning, value for money little else you could ask for. Anyway, until we can not try more thoroughly the device we do not want to go into more details, nor get too wet. We will see what after a more exhaustive use.

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