Moto Z Play vs Moto Z2 Play, is it time to launch this renewal?

For a long time, we see how the midrange is being divided into two sub-ranges. We have the terminals from 150 to 250 euros, and then with the devices from 250 to 350 or 400 euros. No doubt they are very different terminals, but they are all cataloged as mid-range devices. This afternoon we have told you all the official details of the Moto Z2 Play, a device that is renewed without a year after the release of the first version. Today, we are going to a Moto Z Play vs Moto Z2 Play, a must for all who think about buying a mid-range mobile.

Moto Z2 Play has arrived in June, when its first version came to light in September 2016. This leaves us with only a few months between version and version, a strategy that we do not understand very well.

Moto Z Play vs Moto Z2 Play face in the design and screen

Moto Z Play vs Moto Z2 Play, is it time to launch this renewal?

As you can see in the different leaks that we have left over the past few weeks, we have two very similar designs. It is true that the new Moto Z2 Play changes the lines to offer a more ergonomic device, although they are not too appreciable changes. The highlight of the change is the fingerprint sensor, which now becomes larger and oval, something we asked for in the first version. We continue with the hump for the camera and the pins for the modular design, so in short, we are before two devices practically the same.

The screen of both terminals is 5.5 inches in FullHD, and in a few months we do not believe that Motorola has taken a big step in quality, so we may be even in front of the same panel, but with another design and some other specification.

Processor Renewal with 1GB more RAM

Moto Z Play vs Moto Z2 Play, is it time to launch this renewal?

The new Moto Z2 Play specs a  Snapdragon 626, which is the 625 renewal of the original Moto Z Play. This leaves us with a change, but without becoming anything otherworldly. The tests say that it has more performance, but will not be very noticeable for the end user. Where yes we see something more of change, it is in the RAM, since now it rises up to 4 GB, being able to compare with other devices of the same range.

Internal storage also rises, and now we see double the memory, reaching up to 64 GB. This can be very positive for most users, and a plus for Motorola, as we do not usually see this amount of memory in the midrange.

Changes to the best in the camera, but not in battery

Moto Z Play vs Moto Z2 Play, is it time to launch this renewal?

If we talk about the photographic section, it may be one of the most significant changes, since we have a 16-megapixel sensor with f / 2.0 aperture, a 12-megapixel sensor with Dual Pixel and f / 1.7 in the Moto Z2 Play. We see fewer megapixels, but camera performance is expected better, especially in low light conditions. On the front, we go from having a single LED flash, to having a dual tone, which is quite interesting when we talk about the camera for selfies.

And the most controversial point of the device we see in the battery. The new Moto Z2 Play has 3.000 mAh, while the first version came on the market with a cell of 3.510 mAh. At the moment we do not know how this will affect the autonomy, although Motorola has said that it will not, since the new processor is more efficient and the device is optimized for it.

About 200 euros difference

Moto Z Play vs Moto Z2 Play, is it time to launch this renewal?

Today we have left with an offer of Moto Z Play, a device that remains one of the best in the mid-range. We do not know the official price of Moto Z2 Play, but everything indicates that it will be over 500 euros. You have already seen the most important differences between the two, and you must judge whether it is worth the change from one version to another.

Source: Androidcentral


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