Moto Z: Lenovo shows concept of a Tablet-Dock as Moto Mod

Lenovo’s Smartphones of the Moto Z series will continue to maintain their modular concept in the next generation and thus differ from the other top-class devices. What i possible with the Moto Mods, Lenovo now shows with a Tablet Dock, which can be seen as a concept in a short clip.

The selection of Moto Mods for the Moto Z and Moto Z Play is steadily growing, which is also due to Lenovo’s efforts, which was expressed, for example, in several organized hackathons. Regardless, the idea of a Tablet-Dock as Moto Mod seemed to have been created – similar to how Asus tried years ago with the Padfone series. For the first time, the idea was shown in the context of the MWC 2017, but a video recently released on Twitter now allows a closer look at the concept.

Design in the style of yoga tabs

Moto Z: Lenovo shows concept of a Tablet-Dock as Moto Mod

The Tablet Dock, which can be seen in the video, is at first glance reminiscent of the Lenovo Yoga Tab series. In the cylindrical bead could be hidden a strong battery, which the display with power supply and possibly even the smartphone can continue to charge. This is inserted into a recess in the tablet stand, which does not even lose space.

Although the idea of the concept has been known for about three months, it is not known whether Lenovo is currently working on an implementation. A tablet-dock available at the beginning of the sale could give the second generation of the Moto Z series, however, a great all-important feature.


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