Microsoft: USB Type C is not yet ready for mass market

Microsoft is of the opinion that the USB Type C standard is not yet ready for the mass market. Therefore, the surface laptop has been dispensed with.

Not only Apple is now in its MacBooks on USB Type C, also many other manufacturers gradually change to the new USB standard. For me, it was, therefore, a surprise that Microsoft is still using the old USB A standard for the new surface laptop. According to Microsoft’s Pete Kyriacou, USB Type C is not yet ready for the mass market. For many users USB Type C is bad.

It has been thought about the change, but then decided for the old and well-known standards. For Microsoft, it is also a problem that the USB Type C cables have so many differences among themselves

What happened with USB-C is the cables look the same, but they have a lot of different capabilities. […] Some cables support 3 amps, some 5, some Thunderbolt, some not.

There is the possibility that users buy and use a wrong cable and then the cable manufacturer (or the user because of the wrong decision), but Microsoft is to blame. Microsoft wants to avoid such problems for the time being and leave it to Apple and Co. And why is there only one USB port on the new Surface Laptop? A design decision.

Surface Laptop is a flagship product

Microsoft: USB Type C is not yet ready for mass market

I can understand the arguments of Microsoft and the users, but the time will come when you have to take the step. And if the big companies such as Microsoft refuse, it will not be easier for USB Type C.

For me, this step is a point of criticism. It would not necessarily be talking about a 150 euro smartphone or starter laptop for 300 euros. But this is about the surface laptop and it starts at over 1000 euros. It is for me a flagship product of Microsoft and I find that with such a device quite a step can make. Personally, I would like to welcome every new device that dares to change, even if it is somewhat more difficult at first.

Source: Theverge


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