Microsoft SurfacePhone is not a Traditional Smartphone 2017 (Specs)

Microsoft CEO Nadella has not depreciated the mobile market but sees the future but not in traditional smartphones. In an interview, the manager explained that Microsoft would only want to present a new device Microsoft SurfacePhone for this market segment if it could stand out clearly from the established ones.

Microsoft’s ambitions in the smartphone market are currently almost no longer visible. The company has not introduced a new Lumia model since 2015, and in general, the Windows Phone or Windows Mobile platform has only a small market share in addition to Android and iOS. All this, however, does not mean that the US software itself feels suspended or even sobered. A recent interview conducted by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, MarketPlace, reveals a lot of optimism for the future in this segment.

What is Microsoft SurfacePhone?

As pointed out by Nadla in the interview, Microsoft continues to work on new hardware for the mobile device market, but admitted that the corresponding products will not look like current smartphones. According to the company’s office, the development department is based on the same basic concept, which was already behind the concept of the first surface tablets, namely to create a brand-new product category. Nadella raves about how Microsoft made the 2-in-1s salonable and then successful with Surface, and the company also wanted to create something similar in the smartphone segment.

Microsoft SurfacePhone is not a Traditional Smartphone 2017 (Specs)

These words could, of course, be interpreted in such a way that in the not too distant future, finally, the unveiling of the surface phones expected by some industry observers and Microsoft fans is awaiting. Since the majority of rumors around this project, however, the image of a more conventional smartphone with Windows 10 (Mobile) drew, the prospects to appear by the interview with the Microsoft boss not necessarily rosier – rather the opposite is the case.

Also, as an indication that Microsoft will no longer bring a traditional smartphone to the market, statements can be seen by one of the most important heads behind the Augmented Reality Headset HoloLens, Alex Kipman. Kipman said in a conversation with Bloomberg: “The phone is dead. Users have only realized this.”

It must, of course, be taken into account here that a man who spends most of his time with technologies such as augmented and virtual reality or deals with it in depth has a slightly different view of the world than most of the ordinary consumers. However, other companies such as Apple and Google also see the greatest future potential in Augmented Reality.

No matter what exactly Microsoft is working in secret, the plans of the US Group for the mobile device sector are likely to be long-term. Overnight, the current situation will not be changed. This is what Nadella points out in the MarketPlace interview. This is the name of the multitude of high-quality Microsoft apps available for Android and iOS as well as cooperation with hardware manufacturers such as HP as important examples of how Microsoft is mixing in the current market. About the future of Microsoft SurfacePhone there, the smartphone itself and other currently successful companies like Apple and Google can and will continue to be speculated much.

Source: Bloomberg


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