Filtered images of Meizu Pro 7 and its secondary screen (Specs, Price)

Meizu has pending to present its next high-end smartphone. According to rumors will bring the best hardware on the market. But now we have been able to see some rendering that shows what the secondary screen could be like in the back. The new Meizu Pro 7 looks great and seems to offer something different.

Most smartphones are very similar to each other. Innovating in the aesthetic is difficult. And let’s not say its characteristics. But it seems that this Meizu Pro 7 can punch atop the table and show something that is not seen every day.

The secondary screen of Meizu Pro 7

Filtered images of Meizu Pro 7 and its secondary screen (Specs, Price)

We already know that the new Meizu Pro 7 will be a high-end device. With very interesting features. And we can practically confirm your double camera. Several rumors pointed to it and this only comes to reaffirm what was said. But the thing does not stay there. It will integrate a small screen on the back of the terminal.

Meizu Pro 7 in white color

According to these images, the small screen will be incorporated into the cameras. In it, you can see the time, date and different notifications. It looks like it will work as a notification center. In this way, we can see what we receive and interact with them without having to unlock the screen.

Filtered images of Meizu Pro 7 and its secondary screen (Specs, Price)

This would allow saving battery since, in addition to being small, its technology would be of electronic ink. This, as we know, would reduce consumption to a minimum since its static expenditure is zero. We do not know if he can show what we focus with the back camera as a selfie. It’s something we already saw on the Yotaphone and its two screens.

Anyway, we will continue pending to know more data about the terminal. Its secondary screen seems interesting or at least different from the rest. And that is something that is appreciated. Providing diversity to this saturated market is always healthy. We will see if this Meizu Pro 7 can compete with the kings of the market.

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