Maxdome streams in Dolby Atmos

Since this week there are selected films on Maxdome also with a very high audio quality, namely Dolby Atmos.

The video-on-demand provider Maxdome now also streams regularly selected content in DolbyAtmos. Maxdome is thus the first provider in Europe with this kind of soundtrack. According to Maxdome already since December 2016 first films with DolbyAtmos available, now Maxdome has further extended its offer.

The first blockbuster in the Maxdome monthly package with Dolby Atmos soundtrack has been available with “Transformers of the Fall”, “Star Trek Into Darkness” or “Man of Steel” since this week. Further films will also be available in the Maxdome Store.

Maxdome streams in Dolby Atmos

For the technique and/or the receiving paths of Dolby Atmos, Maxdome writes the following:

In connection with Dolby Atmos, the keyword is 3D sound, as the sound is distributed three-dimensionally in the room and comes from all directions – also from above. Without the necessary technical equipment, Dolby Atmos can not be experienced. The starting point for each Dolby Atmos system is a compatible AV receiver, mostly from the year of construction 2014, and a suitable box set.

Blu-ray players, various Smart TVs from Sony, Amazon Fire TV and soon the Playstation 4 and the 2017 generation of Smart TVs will also be available. If you already have a 5.1 speaker system, you can expand it with additional speakers.

Completely new: Atmos-compatible soundbars the AV receivers and loudspeakers in one unit living room compatible.

Source: Maxdome


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