Listen to Spotify without advertising on Android and PC for free

Most of you will agree with me that the most annoying thing about Spotify in its Free or Free version is advertising. Not so much for the quantity, but for the quality of it, because most of the times it does not fit the style that we usually hear.

This and other reasons have made since the beginning of the year has become a Premium user, paying the respective monthly subscription. However, I understand that not all users of the service can afford this and that is why today I will teach you to use Spotify without any advertising.

Spotify without advertising or rare tricks

Listen to Spotify without advertising on Android and PC for free

To listen to the mentioned service without any annoying advertising, we will only have to resort to its web version. There, we will find a full and sufficient version that will not only allow us to play any song with our account but also avoid the annoying advertising that is interspersed between song and song. That’s the only way to listen to Spotify without advertising on any device, but what about Android?

The problem of the web version of Spotify is that it makes use of Flash, that web technology that nobody wants to see nor in painting, so much that most web browsers (both Android and PC) do not include it as standard. That is why to listen to it on Android will have to resort to a browser with support for Flash. If we have a computer, we will only have to download Adobe Flash Player for our system and our browser will automatically recognize it.

In the case of Android, we will need to download a complete web browser due to the lack of official support from Android 4.4. To do this, we will have to go to the Play Store and download FlashFox, a Firefox-based browser with native Flash support. Then, we will enter the web player of Spotify and we will be able to reproduce any song without advertising of means.

Listen to Spotify without advertising on Android and PC for free

Also say that this trick is valid for any operating system, whether for smartphone, tablet or desktop. You only have to search for a browser with Flash support, which is not complicated.

Source: GooglePlay


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