LG G7 and V30: Presentation and market launch should be preferred

LG Mobile should have significantly changed its smartphone strategy and plan the presentation and launch of the Android flagship LG G7 and LG V30 earlier. So one would like to get to the competition.

This year, the LG V30, which is probably again equipped with a dual display, will be presented in August. The goal is to prevent Samsung with the Galaxy Note 8 but also Apple with the iPhone 7s Plus. The new LG Phablet will have to measure especially with these models and it certainly is not easy. Although the predecessor was well received in some countries, it was not offered for sale in Europe. LG wanted to avoid that the LG V20 competes with the G5 – although the modular smartphone has not sold so well in the last year.

LG V30 is to appear before the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

LG G7 and V30: Presentation and market launch should be preferred

Much more interesting is the possible schedule for the upcoming LG G7. The next flagship smartphone is to be presented already in January 2018 and promptly on the market in order to be ahead of the competition of Samsung with the Galaxy S9. This year, LG Mobile has already tried this year with the LG G6 and a presentation on the MWC 2017 at the end of February. In the home country of South Korea, the smartphone came on the market in the shortest possible time, but Europeans had to wait weeks and could only access the end of April. At the same time came also the Galaxy S8 of Samsung on the market. After all, the price of the LG G6 has already fallen massively.

LG G7 already in January 2018?

What the LG G7 to equipment and design will offer, is currently not yet known. LG Mobile has also denied the rumors and indicated that no appointments have yet been decided. This could be scarce for the LG V30. This will definitely be presented in the coming months. Too much time should not pass.

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