LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

I think everyone remembers the legendary LeEco brand or as it was previously called LeTV for its incredible budget smartphones. Since 2020, the company has completely stopped producing any products. But at the beginning of 2021, the manufacturer decided to update its activities and release an update for its smartphones.

Today we are not talking about a smartphone, but about the most budgetary wireless earbuds with active noise canceling called LeTV Ears Pro.

The price tag at the time of writing the review of the new TWS earbud model is very attractive, only $32. Therefore, this is the very first wireless earbuds for this price with ANC function.


In addition, the Ears Pro model received a very interesting design that resembles Apple’s products. Also, the earbuds have a wireless connection Bluetooth 5.0 version and support for the AAC and SBC codec. You can also note the presence of wireless charging box and multifunctional touch control.

For their cost, the earbuds look very nice from a technical point of view. But let’s check this model from LeTV from a practical point of view. Therefore, in this review, I will not only tell you about the sound and microphone quality, but also share with you my opinion on the wearing comfort.

LeTV Ears Pro: Specifications

LeTV Ears Pro:Specs
Resistance:16 ohm
Driver size:8 mm driver
Wireless connection:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000 Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC and SBC
Battery:45 (360) mAh
Charging time:90 mins
Weight:4.1 (34) grans
Music time:4 hours

Unboxing and packaging

LeTV Ears Pro earbuds are delivered in a small white cardboard box. At the same time, the box itself is quite thick and clearly does not belong to the budget segment of devices.

LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

On the front of the package, there is a picture of the earbuds with the designation of the company name and model. Also on the back of the package, there is another drawing with a charging box with technical features, but they are written in Chinese.

Inside the box, I am greeted by an envelope with instructions in English and Chinese. Behind it was a charging box with earbuds inside, and under a plastic partition, there is a rather long charging cable with silicone ear tips.

LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

I really liked the package and, as a manufacturer, introduced new wireless earbuds. The workmanship is very high and I couldn’t even imagine that budget earbuds for $30 could have such a package.

Design, build quality and materials used

As I already said, the appearance of LeTV Ears Pro is very much reminiscent of products from the well-known Apple brand. Of course, this is not an exact copy and the design has some distinctive properties.

LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

The first thing I wanted to talk about was the materials used. LeTV offers a choice of two earbuds in white and black. But if the white color received a glossy plastic version, then the black version is made of matte plastic.

As you might have guessed, I have a white version, but I can’t say that the glossy plastic is of a very terrible quality. For example, fingerprints on white are not visible and the model looks very bright and stylish.

LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

Other than that, I liked the build quality. LeTV Ears Pro earbuds are made of monolithic plastic. The plastic itself does not creak or emit extraneous noise.

Considering that the LeTV earbud model has silicone ear tips in its performance, it was comfortable to wear in-ear earbuds. One earbud weighs approximately 4.1 grams. Therefore, wearing even for a long time more than 3 hours did not cause fatigue or discomfort for me.

LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

But using earbuds during sports will not be compatible with the Ears Pro model. Since I have not found any information on sweat and splash protection. Although during my testing, I used the earbuds while running and I can say that this model fits well in my ear canal.

On the outside of the Ears Pro earbud case, there is a touch panel at the top, but there is no LED indicator here. Meanwhile, there is a microphone hole on the bottom of the leg and there are two large metal contacts for charging.

LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

But on the inside, you can find a channel designation and an oval sound guide with a protective mesh on the base. Nearby there is also an expansion hole for air balancing.

LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

The charging box itself is also made of white glossy plastic, like the earbuds themselves. But I should note that matte plastic will be used in the black version. I also liked the build quality of the charging box, the lid has no backlash at all during opening. The hinge is made of plastic, but the opening and closing of the lid is very smooth.

The front of the case has the LeTV brand logo and four LED indicators that indicate the battery level. There is a Type-C charging port at the bottom of the case. In addition, the box received wireless charging, but I will talk about the charging time and battery life a little later.

Connection, latency and control

The new model of LeTV Ears Pro wireless earbuds uses a Bluetooth 5.0 version of the wireless connection. This may not be the latest generation of wireless communication, but during my tests the signal quality was stable and I did not notice any interruptions.

LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

In addition, there are AAC and SBC audio codecs on board the earbuds. During my tests, the earbuds were connected to the smartphone via the AAC codec and I did not notice any particular problems with its operation.

Also, the manufacturer talks about the minimum latency or the so-called game mode. That is, during games, I practically did not notice a strong delay between the mobile device and the earbuds. Also while watching a video on Youtube, there was no delay at all.

LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

As for the touch controls, everything is fine here. For example, the touchpad is well positioned. It is also worth noting that each time you press on the panel, you will hear a click, which will signal you that you have pressed correctly. Even the multifunctionality is good here and let’s go over each function separately.

  • One press on the right earpiece increases the volume level, and on the left one decreases it.
  • Double-tapping any of the earbuds stops or plays music. You can also answer or drop the phone call.
  • Triple taps on the right channel toggles the next track, and the left toggle the previous one.
  • Holding 1.5 seconds on the left channel activates the voice assistant function, and on the right channel switches the operating modes from normal to ANC, or vice versa.

Sound and microphone quality

In each LeTV Ears Pro earphone, the manufacturer has installed one 8 mm dynamic driver. It seemed to me that this size of the driver will be enough and the volume reserve will be very good.

LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

The sound quality of low frequencies did not greatly cause me positive emotions, since I did not feel strong and deep bass. But I don’t want to say that there is no bass at all, it is present in a small amount.

But the middle and high frequencies really surprised me. In LeTV Ears Pro, there is a very clear and detailed sound of both musical instruments and the vocalist’s voice. At the same time, even at the maximum volume level, I did not hear annoying and creaking sounds.

LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

If we compare the sound quality with competitors, then the sound of the Ears Pro model very much reminds me of the more expensive versions of TWS earbuds with a price tag of $50-60. For example, the sound quality of the new earbuds from the LeTV brand will be an order of magnitude even better than that of the Xiaomi ZMI PurPods Pro earbuds.

LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

But the function of active noise cancellation, which should block noise from ambient sounds, did not impress me much. But again, I’m not forgetting the $30 cost. Therefore, I cannot strongly criticize the presence of the ANC function. For example, in the case of the Ears Pro model, although active noise cancellation works, it blocks out ambient noise not as effectively as more expensive versions of earbuds.

LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

In terms of microphone quality, here I liked how the microphones sound, in both quiet and noisy places. That is, my interlocutors heard me clearly even in noisy places when I tested the LeTV Ears Pro earbuds.

Battery and run time

The manufacturer installed a good battery capacity with a value of 45 mAh inside the case of the LeTV Ears Pro earbuds. As my practice has shown, the earbuds at 100% volume level were able to work for about 5 hours on a single charge.

LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

If you activate the active noise canceling function, then the battery life will be reduced to 3.5 hours at the same volume level. In addition, there is a charging box with a capacity of 360 mAh and it can recharge the earbuds an additional 2.5 times.

Full charging time via the Type-C port was 1.5 hours, and via wireless charging it will take you up to 2.5 hours.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

LeTV decided to surprise its fans with a new model of wireless earbuds. These are really good TWS earbuds that have received many positives and let’s go through the main ones.

LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

The first thing that makes the earbuds stand out is the high-quality assembly of both the earbuds themselves and the charging box. I also liked the very comfortable and convenient touch control with great functionality, including the volume control function.

In addition, the earbuds received excellent sound for their value. And the presence of the active noise canceling function will definitely please you. In addition, I liked the fit, the wearing comfort, even considering that these are in-ear earbuds.

LeTV Ears Pro Review: Most Budget TWS Earbuds with ANC for $30

Of the shortcomings, I can single out – this is not the latest version of the wireless connection, and also the quality of the ANC function is not the most ideal when comparing the flagship models.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

I think many of you wanted to get the active noise canceling function for the low cost of wireless earbuds and LeTV managed to do it.

Therefore, I can easily recommend the new TWS model of the LeTV Ears Pro earbuds at a favorable and attractive price for only $31.99.


Alternative and competitors

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