Stylish design, cursed thin, top finish and still foldable. 2in1 devices are big in fashion. I also let the concept seduce me. Whether the relationship with the Lenovo Yoga 910 took a happy end, you will learn here.

Lenovo Yoga 910 Review: When you feel the beast!
For a long time, my wallet and I successfully resisted the purchase of a new notebook. Lately,

however, I was more and more in my head: “A laptop would now be handy.” My Pixel C tablet with the associated keyboard has proven to me excellent service so far. Nevertheless, I always came across the limits of an Android tablet. To be really productive, the 10 inches are simply a bit too small. And especially the flexibility of Windows and the available software simply cannot make up for the Google Play Store. A new laptop had to come.

But what is it? The choice is huge. Of course, I would have liked the best, of course, but you also have to look at the budget. Nevertheless, I had a few specific requirements: Latest i7 processor generation, 16GB RAM higher resolution than FullHD, easy and about 13 inches. Thanks to our filter system, I noticed quickly that the selection is not so great. My decision eventually resulted in the Lenovo Yoga 910 and the Dell XPS 13. After countless reviews and YouTube videos, my choice fell on Lenovo. The main reason for this was the additional tablet mode as well as the (for me) more chic design.

Equipment and display: Lenovo Yoga 910

The Lenovo Yoga 910 is available in different versions. I have the model with the i7-7500U processor, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and 13.9-inch touch screen with 4K resolution worried.
The device is just 1.43cm thick and 1.40kg heavy. The first one is really famous, the second one may be even easier for my taste, but this is complaining at a high level. I would have synonymous with a 13 inch satisfied, but Lenovo, unfortunately, stopped at 13.9 inches.
The display is sharp, which is not surprising with 4K resolution on this surface. The high resolution ensures synonymous for enough overview (I have the Zoom in Windows 10 of 300% a little down-screwed). It can also be betted. Thanks to the stable display hinge, operation with the fingers works perfectly. And as the name yoga suggests, you can fold the 910 completely and use it as a tablet. With the size, form factor and weight are the primarily probably for the business area or when you want to look in bed or on the way what on it. Windows automatically switches to tablet mode.

Lenovo Yoga 910 Review: When you feel the beast!
By the way, the camera is positioned below the display. What can lead to unethical viewpoints in video chat?
Fortunately, you can just turn the display 180 ° and the laptop half-folded on the table.
Also on board is a fingerprint sensor. Can be set up with Windows Hello uncomplicated and works fast and error – only at the beginning he mucked between something rum, now it works perfectly.
A few Lenovo programs as well as the test version of McAfee. Can everything uninstall easily, would be more beautiful, ifs from the beginning without go.
The Lenovo Yoga 910 is available in silver, gold, and black. I chose the last option. Completely black is however not. The distinctive hinge is made of silver elements and also the frame is silver. The combination looks deadly. Something a pity is that you cannot really open the yoga with one hand. The lid is too tight. Still better than if he wiggled.

Lenovo Yoga 910 Review: When you feel the beast!
The processing is as you know from Lenovo, very first cream. Everything is extremely valuable and nowhere does it crack. The display sits firmly and does not fold backward immediately when you tap it. Only the matt black surface is somewhat prone to fingerprints. But if you do not come straight with sun or hand cream-smeared paws, it is in the frame.
The display is practically borderless, which makes for a pleasantly small floor plan. Only the two centimeters wide black bars between the display and the keyboard is a small beauty gum.

Connections and a universal power plug: Lenovo Yoga 910

A smear, which I had to make compared to the XPS 13, is the missing SD card slot. An indisputably practical feature. Since I already have an external card reading device and is not a professional photographer, I come well without properly.
For such a flat device nevertheless, some practical connections are installed. USB-C (1x USB 3.0 and 1x USB 2.0), one of which serves as a charge plug, USB-A (3.0) as well as a headphone jack. For network cables or monitor connections, you need to get adapters. Too bad, but for my area of application.

Lenovo Yoga 910 Review: When you feel the beast!
Speaking of charging. Thanks to the USB-C charging connector, you can also use the laptop with other chargers. However, the device should have at least 2.0 or more amperes. With the normal 1.5-amp power supplies, which are included today’s smartphones, the laptop does not make a wank. With the 2.5-amp part of my colleague Dominik the load beam slowly begins to grow. For the simultaneous use of the device, the performance is still not enough.

Quick and persistent: Lenovo Yoga 910

Starting with the lightning speed of 8 seconds boot time, you should also be able to get a fast working start after the Windows start screen. The Intel i7-7500U is hardly stuck in combinations with the 16 GB RAM. Photoshop, audio program and more Chrome tabs than I can count and the part does not matter a bit. That’s how it should be.
The good performance also confirms me far from my subjective perception. Notebookcheck, for example, has hunted yoga through various benchmarks such as Cinebench R15, PCMark 8 or 3DMark 11, and was able to compete almost everywhere with competitors such as the HP Specter x360 or the Asus Zenbook 3.

Lenovo Yoga 910 Review: When you feel the beast!
The installed SSD also achieves peak values. The integrated graphics card Intel HD Graphics 620 is primarily designed for 2D applications and tears in games as little as expected. “Overwatch” is playable, but you have to screw down the graphics settings. The 4k resolution you can forget, of course. At least FullHD comes high. Nevertheless, there are enough games to bring the modest hardware requirements, if you want to play with the part times a game.
Thanks to a 75 Wh battery, Lenovo Yoga 910 can also be used for an extended period without a power outlet. Normal working days are no problem.

The trackpad: Lenovo Yoga 910

Ahh gorgeous, I can only say. Still, there are far too many laptops that have really lousy trackpads. The Lenovo Yoga 910 is fortunately not one of them. The part reacts masterfully. Also in the direct comparison with my boss’s MacBook Pro, which is still a reference, Lenovo’s trackpad is no flare. Apple’s trackpad is however still a more precise track.

Lenovo Yoga 910 Review: When you feel the beast!
You need to configure gestures using Windows 10. Up to four fingers are supported. The practical function to navigate back and forth there is no longer in Windows 10 unless you install the preview version. For some unknown reason, you can not set the two-finger gesture, but there is the option for three fingers. Switching between apps, I have to do now with four fingers.

The keyboard: Lenovo Yoga 910

Lenovo Yoga 910 Review: When you feel the beast!
Although I am a fan of mechanical keyboards, I must admit that it is a really gorgeous feeling to stick to the flat Lenovo button. The two-stage lighting ensures that people like me, who at best manage a six-finger system, are able to cope with the dark. Only the position of the right shift key is a bit habituation. It is to the right of the up arrow key.

Is the fan really loud?

After reading and reviewing several reviews, I had originally decided almost against the Lenovo notebook. Several voices criticized the annoying fan noise. But as the majority of the testers did not mention it, I dared to buy. But promptly the fan started to notice itself immediately after the first start. Not whistling or really loud, but still clearly audible and surprising when I have not started any application at all. In our rather quiet office, the fan still went almost under. At home, however, it was stronger. Now it really only turns, if I also demand the part and even then in the acceptable volume. Even the Surface Pro 4 of my colleagues is clearly louder. If the trick with the driver does not work, you can try a bios update. In the changelog is also something of fan noise.

Conclusion: I do not make the part anymore

I am absolutely satisfied with the Lenovo Yoga 910. It looks like biting, is pleasantly thin and has neat power under the hood. The fingerprint scanner makes it easier to log in, the 4K display provides a better overview, and the tablet mode provides flexibility, which regularly saves me from the tablet. If I was to wish for something, it would be an SD card slot and a display port. In addition, I would have a slightly smaller display diagonally gladly accepted, in favor of a smaller housing. But these are really extra sausages. The Lenovo Yoga 910 is a formidable, if not cheap, device that I can highly recommend.

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