Lenovo Smart Band HW01 began selling in India

We have already mentioned you the existence of a smart band by Lenovo. For some reason, it is not very popular, and after his first mention, nothing else has been heard. Now it sounds that the company started selling it to India. I guess Lenovo hopes to be able to get into the tricky smart band market with this move. But let’s see what Lenovo’s smart band is different from the rest. The Lenovo Smart Band HW01 has a 0.91-inch OLED display through which we can see the typical information we see on the smart band, ie time, date, steps, pulses, calories, etc. It can also be set every 15 minutes to count your pulses.

Lenovo Smart Band HW01 began selling in India

Apart from the basics, based on company reports, we will also find an anti-sleep mode, a feature that will not let you down. Now, why can someone need this … I do not know. It can, of course, connect to your cell phone and receive notifications, control the music and take pictures.

The Lenovo Smart Band HW01 has an IP 65 certification that means it is waterproof and weighs just 22g. Its battery is 85mAh and is said to last for up to 5 days. This, of course, sounds strange when Mi Band 2 has a 75mAh battery and lasts for at least 3 weeks! It is currently only out in black and will be released on the Flipkart. You can find it if you want to find it at Banggood that offers it for less than $ 25 for one more day!

Lenovo Smart Band HW01 began selling in India

It also does not forget our competition for another smart band, Zeblaze Zeband Plus that ends today, so try your luck there, it’s never too late!

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