Lenovo: New Moto-Tablet with Android in planning

With the Motorola Xoom presented the Lenovo brand to the CES 2011 the first tablet, which was equipped with Google’s special Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system. If you moved back from the market sometime later, a new Moto-Tablet with Android is planned.

As AndroidPolice currently reported exclusively, we will be able to see a new Motorola tablet soon despite the severe situation on the tablet market soon. This is probably a product of the Moto brand, which Lenovo has been using since the Motorola takeover in 2014. Details about the equipment of the device are not yet available, but it is known that a so-called productivity mode is to improve the use of the Android operating system.

New Moto-Tablet: Taskbar on Android

Lenovo: New Moto-Tablet with Android in planning

The productivity mode is already used with some Lenovo tablets, including the Lenovo Yoga Book. If you switch it on, the Android operating system is extended by a taskbar which, as in Windows and Co., links to apps and all currently open applications. This simplifies multitasking enormously and makes sense on larger displays clearly.

Lenovo: New Moto-Tablet with Android in planning

Although AndroidPolice has made a good reputation in the past as a legitimate source, I’m not sure if the story around the new Moto-Tablet is really true. It would also be possible that for the photo as proof only one already available Lenovo tablet was used.

Source: AndroidPolice


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