KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

The KZ company decided not to lag behind the CCA and also introduced 16 balanced armatures headphones, 8 in each channel. In this review we will talk about KZ AS16 and find out if they are better than CCA C16?

The price of wired KZ AS16 headphones start at $96 with good discounts.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

KZ AS16: 8BA Balanced Armature in Ear Earphone

Price: $96.67
Price: $96.67 Less

For this money, you get the following characteristics – eight balanced armatures in each channel, resistance 15Ω, sound power 105dB, two-prong 0.75 mm cable connector and much more.

We will not hesitate and we will start with unpacking and find out if it differs from the standard budget headphones of the KZ company.

KZ AS16: Specifications

KZ AS16:Specs
Impedance:15 ohms
Cable Length:1.2m
Driver unit:16BA
Support Apt-x:No
Connectors:2-pin 0.75mm
Frequency Response Range:20-40000Hz
Connections:3.5mm audio jack

KZ AS16: Unboxing

I got a review of a black small box with the name of the company on the front side.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

Inside the box, everything is usually and without surprise, the headphones on top and a metal plate with the name of the model.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

Further below lies in a separate package standard cable, as well as on any budget headphones from the company KZ. There are also three pairs of embouchures and instructions.

As for its price, the equipment is very weak. I would like to see a more expensive cable, which they sell separately, since the price is several times higher than the budget options. Let’s get down to headphone ergonomics.

KZ AS16: Design and Appearance

General ergonomics and ease of use cause serious problems, as do the CCA C16 headphones. Due to the large number of armatures, the size of the headphones is large. For men’s ears still sit well, but in the women’s ears look bulky.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

The quality of the assembly and materials does not cause any problems. All elements are folded perfectly and there are no extraneous squeaks.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

On the front side there is a metal plate with a brand pattern in the form of waves, also the inscriptions Right and Left Channel, professional sound and 8 balanced armatures.

From the inside, the headphones are made of transparent plastic through which you can see the number of fixtures.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

What valves are used here? Inside the case there are two balanced armatures 22955 for bass, two balanced armatures 29689 for medium frequencies and four balanced armatures 31736 for high frequencies.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

The sound guides are made at a good and right angle, and on the base there is a metal grille filter, which covers the sound guide from dust and debris.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

Slightly below the sound guide there is a small compensation hole.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

On top of the KZ AS16 case in the test, there are protrusions for a 0.75 mm cable connector.

The cable is standard and made in the form of a braided pigtail. The cable works fine. The connectors adhere well to the jacks in the headphones. Also, the headphones are so aesthetically pleasing that they do an excellent job.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

We have already spoken for cable many times, if you are interested in reading other reviews on our website here.

The sound insulation is pretty good. The users are not completely cut off from the world, but the environment is already a bit muffled that they can be used comfortably in urban environments. When listening to music, external noise does not interfere.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

Therefore, I will say that KZ AS16 headphones are not suitable for everyone. If you have small ears, then the headphones will bulge strongly, like an antenna, and it will not look beautiful. But at the expense of everything else, such as build quality and materials, then everything is at a decent level.

When I figured out with ergonomics, now I would talk about sound quality.

KZ AS16: Sound

In the KZ AS16 headphones in our analisis, the sound is presented with warm, even and soft tones. You can capture a certain accent in the bass, but the headphones do not deviate from the natural balance. The sound is relaxing and exciting – without aggression, sharpness and excessive rigidity.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

The bass is slim, warm and juicy, which emphasizes the average range. You can’t count on very deep bass, but the headphones can already sound quite effective.

There is also a higher bass range, so users also deal with the sound of live, differently made bass instruments.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

In addition, the bass is a bit strengthened, it likes to go ahead and fill the sound, but it does not flood the music and does not lose control. The dynamics are good – the bass does not beat speed records, but it can sound more point or massive, smooth out or spill over a long time.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

You will hear the right amount of bass energy for metal, rock and electronic sounds, but there will be no problems in working with lighter music.

The low frequencies smoothly into medium, it is also emphasized in the lower range and softened in the upper, so the sound is warm and easy to read.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

The sound is undoubtedly smooth and rather soft, which almost surprises. The sound is quite pleasant, massive and vibrating, which works well with vocals, guitars and percussion instruments. Also, the sound does not look fuzzy, but may seem slightly silted and removed.

The high frequencies are slightly darkened – you can already talk about the decline in the highest ranges. But they play very clearly and smoothly, so I didn’t reveal any big problems.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

The sound stage is especially large, the headphones are also quite consistent in terms of holography. There are also no problems with the separation of individual sounds, but you can not count on a large dose of air. The tools are located quite close to each other, the first plan is presented without distance.

In conclusion, I can say that the sound quality in KZ AS16 is slightly superior to its competitors CCA C16. This is especially audible in mid and high frequencies. Their low frequencies are almost the same. The detail and richness of the sound of the AS16 is also slightly better than that of the C16. Therefore, if you choose between two headphones, I would recommend KZ AS16.

KZ AS16: Conclusion and Reviews

KZ AS16 are successful headphones, which, however, are a little not perfect. The disadvantage can be attributed – it is cumbersome dimensions that look in the ear is unaesthetic. Although they sit in the ears, they are good and have good sound insulation.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

This is a good choice for lovers of musical, gentle, concentrated and quiet sound. But if you want to listen to fast and dynamic music, then AS16 will also do its job well.

Also in the KZ AS16 headphones you will not hear any annoying sounds in the test. Each instrument plays volumetric and saturated in almost all frequency ranges.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

In general, the headphones showed themselves on the positive side and the sound quality proves that the assembly of fixtures and all elements is very specific. Therefore, KZ AS16 is completely worth its money.

KZ AS16: Price and Where to buy cheaper?

Now you can buy KZ AS16 headphones at a low and competitive price for only $96.67 with a good 42% discount at AK Audio store.

I can safely recommend KZ AS16 headphones for purchase, as they are characterized by a bright, soft and rich sound due to the correct layout of 16 balanced armatures.

KZ AS16 Review: Flagship Headphones with 16BA

KZ AS16: 8BA Balanced Armature in Ear Earphone

Price: $96.67
Price: $96.67 Less


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