Jelly is smallest LTE smartphone in world captures Kickstarter

The smartphones of today are the gigantic all-rounder, which somehow can do everything and cost a small fortune. But does this whole package need it in sports? Would not a model with the most necessary features be more suitable for a night? Well, for exactly these scenarios, Jelly is there – the supposedly smallest LTE smartphone in the world.

A smartphone for every living situation – this sentence can be interpreted in two different ways: There is the interpretation, according to which a smartphone meets all the tasks and hurdles involved. This is the principle behind most manufacturers and equips their top models with high-quality cameras, brilliant displays and water-tightness. But what if there is actually a smartphone for selected activities?

Sales argument: To Jelly it would not be a pity

This is Jelly, a miniature smartphone that is currently playing on Kickstarter. The special thing about Jelly: At a purchase price of only 59 US dollar would be a loss or damage could be penalized. Nevertheless, Jelly is able to fulfill the most important tasks – be it listening to music during the sport or exchanging news at a festival. The developers describe it quite aptly (translation of us):

Jelly is designed to be small, but for a good reason! Every time a junky and expensive smartphone is not needed, Jelly fits into the coin pocket of the pants.

In itself, the concept does not sound so bad. It does not happen every day, but from time to time the latest Galaxy S model is actually a bit oversized for your own project. Who needs a large display and fragile design when he or she is having fun with friends? Simple, as the developers say, Jelly go into the coin compartment and move carefree.

Jelly is smallest LTE smartphone in world captures Kickstarter

It goes without saying that Jelly is not something for everyone. Because apart from the “half as wild, when something happens” thoughts, Jelly does not have much to offer. Thanks to Android 7.0 Nougat, all software features are on board, but the hardware is rather rudimentary: 432 x 240 pixels at 2.45 inches, an unnamed quad-core processor with 1.1 GHz and depending on the version 1 or 2 GB of RAM Presumably the minimum requirements of nougat. But after all, an 8 MP camera is on board and even a 2 MP snap for selfies on the front has made it into the budget. Furthermore, dual SIM with microSD slot, a 950 mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS are included in the total package.

Jelly: Already over 100,000 US dollars taken with Kickstarter

The data sheet does not hurt anyone from the stool, but possibly the price. The base version is available for as little as 59 US dollars. The pro version with more memory costs 125 US dollars, but in the context of the Kickstarter campaign, pre-buyers can secure these for 75 US dollars. It is available in white, blue and black.

As I said, nothing for everyone, but apparently convincing enough for some: In Kickstarter, Jelly has taken over 100,000 US dollars in just one day – the trained goal of the makers was only 30,000 US dollars. Interestingly, there were similar concepts already in the last years, something the Micro X S240, which however were marketed differently and failed. The first Jelly units are to reach supporters as early as August 2017, the campaign runs until the beginning of June.

Source: Kickstarter


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