iPhone 8 will help Apple beat all competitors and record sales?

As expected, this year Apple will launch the most anticipated smartphone – iPhone 8. Will this model help Apple regain sales dropped in the last year because the design of the iPhone in the past 3 years No signify ant changes and become boring?

Are iPhone 8 sales okay?

Apple’s sales are expected to increase slightly by the end of the second quarter, as all eyes are on their way to wait for the next-generation iPhone to arrive.

This year, as usual, users in general and smartphone lovers in particular will not be indifferent to the next generation of iPhone. According to estimates by investment firm Stifel Nicolaus, sales to the iPhone will increase to 52.2 million units compared to 51.2 million last year.
iPhone 8 will help Apple beat all competitors and record sales?

Often, analysts will not make their assessments until sales end at the end of June (the final stage before the next generation).

So far, the latest iPhone dual-boot Apple has only sold two quarters and only a few months to assess the sales of the duo. The reason for such calculations is also because the new iPhone is usually launched in early September.

But this year, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone, perhaps everything will be different. As mentioned above, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus still hold mission critical to Apple’s revenue (more than 2/3 of revenue from the duo), and will also help them regain 3 / 4 sales slump last year.

Not long ago, Apple introduced the iPhone 7 Red and iPhone 7 Plus Red, their first red iPhone sold to support the HIV / AIDS prevention program in Africa.

In parallel, they also increased their iPhone SE and upgraded the iPad Pro 9.7 inch. Although sales of the iPhone have decreased or not increased much, these numbers are still the desire of many other companies.

And in the first quarter of sales (ending in December 2016), Apple reported the largest iPhone ever sold, up to 78.3 million units.

Design of the iPhone 8 will beat all opponents?

No advertising or running, consumers and fans will find their own iPhone. Especially in Europe, where advertising and marketing decisions are so much and the success of a firm or a line of smartphones. However, Apple and iPhone are the exception!

iPhone 8 will help Apple beat all competitors and record sales?

But, Apple is forced to make upgrades to attract more users. If only standing still, the face to move forward, they will one day be crossed. So next generation iPhone will be equipped with OLED screen with high brightness, thinner screen border or wireless charging technology.

At the present time, Apple has not had a big change in design over the past three years, perhaps the most striking difference being the iPhone 7 Plus with dual cameras for professional-looking scans. Many analysts believe that the iPhone 8 will create a big revolution for the smartphone market and the user’s purchasing power will also increase accordingly.

According to Horace Dediu, a market researcher, every two years, Apple will be inclined to change the design of its iPhone, so that users will be able to upgrade their iPhones.

According to the analyst, he thinks the next iPhone will be the best iPhone ever. Sure, people can not wait any longer to use the next iPhone.

iPhone 8 will help Apple beat all competitors and record sales?

Anyway, Apple is still one of the most successful manufacturers to date. And the iPhone still occupies a certain place in the hearts of consumers, especially the European.

A big company like Apple that can not see its lack of innovation like that? Maybe it’s just a “conspiracy” to make a big hit for the new iPhone?

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