In recent days and weeks, there have been many rumors about the upcoming iPhone 8. If you missed this one, it is in the room that Apple will show three new models this year. Once an iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus and then a completely new iPhone, which comes with a better equipment.

Apple yesterday announced the figures for the previous quarter. The following message is therefore probably no coincidence.

There have been rumors that this “better” iPhone will come a bit later. Now there is a report at Business Insider, where an analyst starts from a start in the coming year. This message is I no coincidence because Apple yesterday called the iPhone figures for the last quarter.

iPhone 8 may not come until 2018 (Rumors, Specifications, Features)

The profit has increased, but the number of sales is not. Tim Cook himself speaks of a “break” in the iPhone sales, as the rumors of the next iPhone are actually earlier and more frequent than in the past.

With deliberately scattered rumors that the new iPhone perhaps only 2018 comes, one increases the demand for the current iPhone again. Rumors about a delayed iPhone market start are by the way as good as every year.

iPhone 8: Scarcity ensures greater demand

What you have to say, however, this year is more and it is also not excluded that the “high-end iPhone” will come a bit later.

Personal guess: Apple will introduce all three iPhones in September and the iPhone 7s as usual 1-2 weeks later on the market. The “better” iPhone comes but only 1-2 months later and will probably only be available in a small number in the Christmas business.

With such a tactic, the demand for the product is increased. Apple could still offer enough equipment to get a good quarter but then would have an ace for the first quarter of 2018. Whether tactics, or problems with production, you will never be able to clarify exactly, but I actually assume that this New iPhone will not be available until 2018. Unless Apple has similar problems as with the AirPods. You will not risk this with the iPhone, which is responsible for the majority of the sales.

Source: Theverge


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