iPhone 7 (Plus) - Insert SIM card: What format do I need?

You have saved for a long time to the new iPhone 7 and could finally get it now, but the commissioning failed already on the SIM card inserted? No panic. Awaqa shows you which SIM card format you need and how you insert a SIM into your new iPhone 7.

Inserting the SIM sounds like a simple thing, but especially handy users, who switch from an older device to the new iPhone 7, have to consider a lot. Because Apple has always been based on a unibody housing. The back of the iPhone can not be removed. How do I get my SIM slot? You ask. That’s is quite easy.

So you set your SIM card correctly

iPhone 7 (Plus) - Insert SIM card: What format do I need?

On the right side of your iPhone 7 under the power button is located within the SIM slot. This can be opened with the included SIM tool. With this one you simply stuck into the small hole, the SIM-slide should slide easily and you can easily pull it out of the case. Of course, you can also use a pin or office clip for this, should your SIM tool is not available.

In the SIM-slide you will find a small compartment. This is of course intended for your SIM. If it does not fit, however, you have the wrong SIM card format.

What SIM format do I need?

The iPhone 7 (Plus) can only be used with a Nano SIM card. Mini and micro SIM cards you have to cut or exchange with your mobile operator for a Nano SIM. To determine which SIM card type you have, do the nail test.

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