IOS 11 Beta vs Android 7.0: iPhone 7 faces Galaxy S8 in new speed test

During the WWDC 2017, Apple unveiled the new version of its operating system for smartphones and tablets: iOS 11. It has arrived with many new features and is already available in the beta testing phase and can be downloaded by any user that is in the developer’s program of a brand. Now, a new speed comparison shows if this first beta test version of iOS 11 manages to hit the Galaxy S8 with Android 7.0 Nougat.

iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S8 in new speed test

As we can see from the video above, the Galaxy S8 managed to win the first test, which is to find out which smartphone it connects first. One point worth noting is that the iPhone 7 lost with a big difference, taking about 17 seconds longer than Samsung’s top of the line. However, this was already an expected result, as the device is running the first beta version of iOS 11.

Overall, the iPhone 7 did not get a bad result but was behind the Galaxy S8 in opening some applications. On the phone, for example, the two were equally fast, but when opening the application store the Apple smartphone took considerably longer than the Galaxy S8. It is believed that this happened because of the great renovation in the look of the App Store, which still does not seem to be fully optimized.

Instagram was also faster on the Galaxy S8, with the iPhone 7 accompanying it right away. Already in opening the first game, Smash Hit, the Apple device showed its superiority and managed to open first then the top of the line Samsung, a fact that was repeated when opening Gun Fu: Stickman 2. However, in common applications such as Viber and Tinder, the Galaxy S8 was superior to the iPhone 7.

Something that was already good on iOS 10 and seems to have gotten even better on iOS 11 is managing RAM. Although Tinder needed to reload, all other applications continued to run in the background and were ready to be reopened without the screen being frozen for a few seconds, as was the case with iOS 10. The Galaxy S8 Showed that it also has good RAM management and did not need to reload any app.

To download iOS 11 on iPhone 7 you need to be in the Apple developers program. However, it is believed that the company will release a public version already in the coming weeks, while the final version of the system should be available only in the second half when Apple announce the next generation of smartphones. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S8 already arrives for users with Android 7.0 Nougat in its final version.



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