HTC U11 Sales numbers put predecessors in shade

Has HTC reached the end of the valley and climbs higher fields again? At least, the previous figures of the HTC U11 sales seem to be satisfactory. It is said to be more successful than its predecessors of the recent past.

In a meeting with shareholders, Cher Wang, CEO, and co-founder of HTC surprises with surprise. According to the CEO, HTC faces a promising future. According to him, the company expects satisfactory business figures in the coming year, although a net loss of around 300 million euros was made in 2016.

HTC U11 sales better than HTC 10 and One M9

HTC U11 Sales numbers put predecessors in shade

This is not to be owed, but certainly also the surprise success of the HTC U11. This is the current flagship model to sell better than the HTC 10 as well as the HTC One M9. However probably only the sales numbers one month after release reference point for this statement. As a result of the unexpected demand, there is currently a global bottleneck of U11 units, which according to Chang could only be ended at the beginning of July.

It is, of course, in the nature of things to appear more optimistic to shareholders than the situation actually gives. The statement that the U11 sells better than the last two flagships, is certainly a little striking, but for a long time not reprehensible. With this, HTC is taking a step in the right direction, especially since the company is increasingly turning to the growing VR market.

HTC: From the smartphone designer to the VR pioneer

The HTC Vive is likely to be the main reason for the future to be promising. According to Chang, HTC was able to secure the largest piece of the VR cake worldwide last year. A market that HTC is leading? In fact, the smartphone business is likely to be secondary at the latest, although the U11’s success naturally also meets the company. Because virtual reality is still waiting for the big breakthrough. Perhaps this succeeds with HTC and a further developed variant of the Vive.

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