HTC U11: Acoustic Focus for videos - when microphone zooms

HTC has brought the U11 not only a “crushable” smartphone on the market. An interesting feature is also the Acoustic Focus. The microphone zooms in with video recording.

In almost every article about the new HTC U11 is talked about Edge Sense – no wonder, because who has before the U11 already pressed around the sides of his smartphone. However, the U11 is also equipped with interesting functions. So far, the Acoustic Focus has tended to go down in coverage. We want to change that now.

Microphone zooms with

On YouTube, some videos have been dubbed to the Acoustic Focus in recent days. The function is explained quickly, but perhaps even faster.

The microphone also zooms in when recording video. Ambient noise is blown as well as possible. Instead, the audio recording is limited to the visible area – in the video above it becomes clear. An impressive feature that we have not yet seen in any other smartphone. The Acoustic Focus might prove to be a good idea when it comes to concerts.

HTC U11 with four microphones

HTC itself speaks of 360° sound, which is made possible by the multiplicity of microphones. In the new U11, HTC has installed four of them – of course, in different places, so that audio can be recorded from all directions.

In addition, HTC has done much to make the U11 a top-notch phone in terms of video recording. At DxOMark, there were 90 points in this category – an absolute top. Highlights include noise reduction, automatic HDR boost without noticeable delay, and high white balance. All features are available for photo and video recording.

HTC U11: Acoustic Focus for videos - when microphone zooms

The cameras can record video in up to 2160p at 30 fps. With 1080p are even up to 120 frames per second possible. 12 MP and 16 MP are the maximum resolutions for photo shoots.

Cheap is the HTC U11 certainly not. The version with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB flash memory is currently available for 749 Euro.

What do you think of the Acoustic Focus?

The automatic focusing of the microphones is an interesting feature – or not? Write your opinions about the new feature in the comments. Do you plan to buy an HTC U11? Is Acoustic Focus necessary at all?

Source: Yu-Weng Liu

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