HTC continues to write red numbers: Nobody buys U-smartphones

The worry child of the industry continues to hurt: The latest business figures are unlikely to agree with the one-time Android pioneer and doubt the success of the U-smartphones: HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play. Still, there is hope.

The quarterly figures for the period from January to March published today on Tuesday do not look particularly bright: In the first three months, HTC recorded a net loss of 2 billion Taiwan dollars, converted 60 million euros. Sales were 14.5 billion Taiwan dollars, converted around 440 million euros. On a year-on-year comparison, the quarter is only marginally worse; Compared with the Christmas business of the fourth quarter of 2016, sales fell by a whopping 35 percent. After all, the loss could be reduced by 35 percent.

HTC continues to write red numbers: Nobody buys U-smartphones

But even the preliminary figures for April are no better. Thus, the company was able to implement 4.7 billion Taiwan dollars, which are converted around 143 million euros. Compared with the previous month, this corresponds to a drop of about 9 percent, compared to the previous year’s sales in April even fell by 18 percent. In the first four months, HTC could implement around 19 billion Taiwan dollars, converted 584 million euros. The year-on-year comparison also seems more disillusioning: compared to the same period in 2016, sales fell by more than 6 percent.

U-smartphones: HTC U Ultra and U Play do not live up to expectations

The figures are in themselves not exactly encouraging for shareholders, officials, and sympathizers of the brand. In addition, analysts also conclude that the sales figures of the HTC U Ultra and U Play apparently lagged behind the expectations – no wonder the sales prices have it finally in itself. It does not need industry experts to count up 2 and 2, which inevitably leads to the question: How long can HTC still hold the failure?

Does the HTC U 11 bring the turn?

HTC continues to write red numbers: Nobody buys U-smartphones

A potential hope-bearer – moreover, the hundreds of hope in recent corporate history – is on the road. For at least the nominally seems the manufacturer with the gobbled HTC U 11 again closer to the smartphone leadership wars want to want, which currently consists of Apple, Samsung and with cuts Huawei.

But it would not be the first time that between HTC’s claim and reality, a huge gap opens up, the black figures no chance of crossing. The supposed exemplary feature of the U-smartphones: HTC U 11 is to be a new operating concept. Thus, the edges of the smartphone are perceived to be touch-sensitive and thus enable rudimentary operation by compressing the device. Sounds somewhere interesting, but strongly like a fast forgotten gimmick – that would, unfortunately, fit to HTC.

However, the focus of the company was already rather on the VR business. Perhaps this is also the right way: withdrawing from the smartphone market, a long lost front, and looking ahead to virtual reality, as long as the restructuring is still financially feasible. The HTC Vive is already surprisingly advanced despite the first generation.

Although the price is steep, the immersion but impressive. Since HTC seems actually to do a good job. Why, however, continue to throw von the market every few months?

Source: Digitimes


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