From the submitted articles of our website visitors will learn how to turn your smartphone into a functional remote control for the TV easily.
How to make a smartphone from a remote control for the TV

The advantages of this device are obvious. An additional argument in favor of a smartphone equipped with the optional remote control, gives one a case study on the basis of which, remote TV control device is always “at the mercy” of the most respected, the rule of a family member.

In most of the TV models are available for the last control function via smartphones and special applications. Platform App Store and Google Play will help find special programs quickly for each device, and then touch the TV control is available. Most of these applications can not only control the main functions of the TV apparatus is the volume, contrast, channel channels, but also provides access to a menu setting, and in some cases, to Smart-function.
A prerequisite for an established connection of the smartphone to the television device is their connection to a home network. At the same time the conductor connection between a smartphone and a network can be a Wi-Fi. TV can be connected to the network via a dedicated cable or through a wireless connection.
Before you install a special remote control TV programs on your smartphone you need to download the appropriate software:
  • Viera Remote ideal for remote operation with Panasonic TV devices;
  • Software Smart TV Remote supported Samsung TV brand;
  • Philips device perfectly with Philips My Remote application;
  • LG TVs are functionally working through Wi-Fi, as well as using specially adapted for LG – TV Remote, they are easy to replace LG remote;
  • Similarly, through a specially designed application that made Sony TV device management.
 Before you start an immediate operation of your smartphone as a remote control, it is required to carry out the pairing with the TV screen. During start-up, searching the TV, the app scans for available wireless networks. It should be run on the television remote control device. The result of the correct execution of all these steps will be easy and trouble-free work with the TV remote.

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