Each has a note or image files that are not intended for prying eyes. Fortunately, Android users can easily hide this information.

It is possible to put a password or unlock pattern on the lock screen, then no one will know that generally keeps your device. But if your child will need the gadget to play, or someone of your friends wants to see new pictures? In such situations, convenient to hide only the photos and notes you want to hide.
Some devices are able to hide selected files and protect them with a password, without third-party programs. But the owners of the other vehicles can easily add these functions via special applications. It is about them and will be discussed.


How to hide personal documents, videos and photos on Android 

GalleryVault is protected container for personal files. The program stores the data locally on your Android device but allows you to make a backup copy free content on the PC.
You can add a photo storage, video, and other files, putting the PIN-code input. Moreover, in the settings GalleryVault can remove the icon from the list of applications – no one even suspects that you want to hide something.
The contents of the container are convenient structure using folders. Adding photos, video, audio and text documents can be viewed and played back directly on the repository, without launching other programs.
The paid version without advertising GalleryVault operates and maintains several additional security features. Appendix photographs the user who unsuccessfully enters the PIN-code and automatically closes the vault after shaking the device.

Folder Lock

How to hide personal documents, videos and photos on Android

Folder Lock is to store personal images, documents, audio and video recordings to the cloud sync feature. The program is integrated editor with which to type text notes can be directly in its interface. To protect the contents of Folder Lock supports PIN-code to unlock and password.
Lest you get confused in the list added to the file store, the app organizes them into folders and sections. In Folder Lock viewer has internal documents and photos, as well as music players and video.
Unfortunately, the free version of the app does not copy files to the cloud and all too often displays advertisements. But Folder Lock Pro lacks these disadvantages and in addition, allows you to hide the icon from the list of installed programs.

Any of these applications can help you hide your private data from prying eyes. The main difference between them is reduced to a method of backup: GalleryVault creates a free copy to your PC and Folder Lock Pro is on the server, but this applies only to the paid version of the program.

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