Honor 9 vs Honor 8 vs Honor 8 Pro: Comparative Honor

Just a few hours ago the new Honor 9 was introduced. It is a mid-range smartphone that comes with everything you need to eat the market. We have already left you with all your details after the presentation, and now we have a mission if it is more important. We have to compare it with its predecessor, but also with one of the last devices of the company. If you continue reading you will see a comparison of Honor 9 vs Honor 8 vs Honor 8 Pro.

These are the last 3 devices of the company that is available in our country. All have very good features, although each one within its range. While Honor 8 is the longest in the market and belongs to the mid-range, Honor 8 Pro has just launched into the Spanish market for the high end. Honor 9 arrives as the renewal of Honor 8, although we can not say that it is a mid-range device.

Honor 9 vs Honor 8: a year that has sprung up a lot

Honor 8 was one of the best devices in the mid-range, and today is still a big bet. The Honor 9 just arrived, with a similar design, albeit with subtle changes in the curvature of the back, or the position of the buttons and the fingerprint sensor. They are two similar smartphones, although we see changes in the design that play in favor of Honor 9.

Honor 9 vs Honor 8 vs Honor 8 Pro: Comparative Honor

The design is not the only thing that changes since internally it is a new phone. Its screen is slightly smaller, down from the 5.2 inches of Honor 8 to 5.15 inches. It is not a noticeable difference, although now that the buttons are in the body, we will have more free space on the screen. The processor is renewed, with the new Kirin 960. It is the same chip that drives the Huawei P10, so this is a device that does not lack power.

Honor 9 vs Honor 8 vs Honor 8 Pro: Comparative Honor

In memory, we also see changes, as now Honor 9 gives the jump to the 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. In Honor 8 we saw 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage in the standard version. This is a fairly important change, although we doubt that 6 GB of RAM is needed on such a device.

Honor 9 vs Honor 8 vs Honor 8 Pro: Comparative Honor

Finally, we see how the camera also comes with new features. Now we see a dual camera that includes a sensor of 12 megapixels and another of 20 megapixels, the same configuration that we see in the Huawei P10. We can not confirm that it is the same camera, but we see it jumps over the Honor 8 camera, which features a dual 12-megapixel sensor.

Honor 9 vs Honor 8 Pro: surpassing the high range

We may be surprised that we make this comparison, but with the characteristics we see in the new Honor 9, we are facing a tough competitor for the Honor 8 Pro. In terms of design, there is not much similarity, although Honor 8 Pro bet on a screen 2K Of 5.7 inches. Possibly this is the only point where the 8 Pro surpasses the Honor 9 since in everything else we see very similar characteristics.

Honor 9 vs Honor 8 vs Honor 8 Pro: Comparative Honor

If you look at the internal hardware, we see the same components. We have a Kirin 960 processor in both devices, which comes with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. In terms of power, we have two terminals almost equal, although Honor 9 can exceed the flow of Honor 8 Pro, since it has to move a smaller screen and with less resolution, one of the heavier tasks for the processor.

As for the camera, we see how Honor 9 goes one step further, improving the quality of one of the sensors. In Honor 8 Pro we have a double camera of 12 megapixels, while in Honor 9 one of them is passed at 20 megapixels. Capture technology is still the same, although it is possible that we will see a bit more quality in shots with Honor 9. However, for the moment we have not been able to verify this, so we will have to wait for the analysis to be able to determine Which camera is better.

Honor 9 vs Honor 8 vs Honor 8 Pro: Comparative Honor

The price of the two devices is quite different, although for the moment we only have the figures of Honor 9 of China, so the thing will change a lot when it is available in Spain. The Honor 8 Pro can be purchased from 549 euros on Amazon, while the price for the 6/64 GB version of Honor 9 has been set at about 350 euros in the Chinese market. We will see if it finally reaches Spain with a price closer to 400, or 500 euros.

Which one should you buy?

Although the 3 devices we have compared are quite similar, they look too much, neither in price nor in specifications, so we will have to wait for Honor 9 to reach the European market to know if it is a good bet. We believe that if it arrives for about 450 euros, it is the best option of 3, as it comes with an improved camera, a new design and a screen perfect for lovers of small phones.


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