What is hidden suffering of OS version Android users 2017?

After three years of buying smartphones, more than 80% of iPhone users are comfortable with the latest version of iOS, while more than 80% of Android users are forever trapped in Android 5.0 since 2014.

Apple has released iOS 11 beta about a month ago, while the official version for their mobile devices, iOS 10 is present on 80% of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in the market.

Many iPhone users are enjoying the cool new features of iOS 10 on their own iOS 8-based smartphone that they have purchased since 2014.
What is hidden suffering of OS version Android users 2017?

On the “other side” of the mobile market, Android 7.0 Nougat was launched more than a year ago (before iOS 10 for about a month) and Android O is also being introduced in beta form. However, the most widely used version is Android 5.0 Lollipop released in November 2014.

Recently, with the appearance of LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 + has helped Android 7.0 Nougat increase market share but it is still a modest figure.

As of May 2, the new Android 7.0 is available on 7.1 percent of devices running the operating system. With iOS, as of the end of February, 79% of iPhones, iPhones, and iPhones worldwide are operating with iOS 10. This percentage continues to grow over the past two months.

Perhaps the iPhone user will never understand the 92.9% of smartphones, tablets can not use any new features in iOS 9, iOS 10, but millions of Android users are still doomed to similar situations. Like that over the years.

What is hidden suffering of OS version Android users 2017?

The biggest obstacle to Android ecosystems is the fragmentation of the device. This has been recognized for a long time, Google also claims to find a way to reduce but in fact, nothing has changed.

Most Android smartphones will be stuck in the OS version when shipped. The more advanced smartphone is lucky to receive a few minor updates or upgrade a major version. They are totally dependent on the manufacturer deciding what device to upgrade. Wait for Google to introduce a new Android version, then wait for the manufacturer to announce the upgraded device, continue to wait for their release schedule in this area, the other network…

Google just released a line of smartphones but they have also moved it from cheap smartphones to more expensive ones.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side, users can own the new iPhone SE completely for $ 278, even buy used machines, born 3-4 years ago with much cheaper but still Experience the features of the latest version of iOS.

Apple is often criticized for its expensive sales and “blood-sucking” policies, but if you look closely, their prices include equipment and software services that satisfy users for several years next is Android users smartphone more expensive or more expensive iPhone?

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