Haylou GT3 Pro Review: Inexpensive Hybrid TWS Earbuds Under $30

Haylou did not have time to release a new model of GT3 wireless earbuds, as it presented an updated version called Haylou GT3 Pro.

In this article, I will cover the main changes that have been touched on between the regular version of GT3 and its new generation with the Pro end. You can also find out my detailed opinion on the previous generation of GT3 earbuds by the link here.

The cost for the updated generation of TWS earbuds Haylou GT3 Pro will cost you just $28. But I want to point out that the last generation Haylou GT3 had a $24 price tag. Yes, the cost of the new generation is slightly higher than its predecessor, but let’s find out its main features and functions.


In the latest generation GT3 Pro, the earbuds received a hybrid sound system. Since it was based on two drivers – one 7.2 mm dynamic and an additional reinforcing emitter. Each of them is responsible for its own frequency of work.

In addition, the manufacturer promises a very comfortable fit due to its low weight and the presence of protection from water under the IPX4 standard. But the version of the wireless connection remained untouched – Bluetooth 5.0 with support for the SBC codec.

Okay, I figured out the main features, now let’s talk about the earbuds themselves in more detail in my detailed and in-depth review below.

Haylou GT3 Pro: Specifications

Haylou GT3 Pro:Specs
Impedance:32 ohms
Driver unit:7.2 mm driver + armature driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:SBC
Charging Time:120min
Music Time:4h

Unboxing and packaging

It does not always happen that packages from China arrive intact and undamaged. This time around, the budget earbuds weren’t well protected. Therefore, the appearance of the packaging was slightly damaged. But one thing is good that the earbuds themselves and their components remained intact.

Haylou GT3 Pro Review: Inexpensive Hybrid TWS Earbuds Under $30

The packaging itself has received slight changes compared to the previous generation. For example, the new generation of GT3 Pro earbuds started shipping in a small square box. While the Haylou GT3 model came in a rectangular box.

Naturally, on the front, you can see the name of the model and the company with a drawn pattern of the earbuds and box. And on the back of the package was a list of the main technical features.

Haylou GT3 Pro Review: Inexpensive Hybrid TWS Earbuds Under $30

Inside the package itself is a standard list of components. These are, directly, the earbuds themselves with a charging box. And also there were replaceable silicone ear tips, Type-C cable and instructions. Okay, now let’s talk about the next important point – fit and performance.

Design, build quality and materials

The appearance of the new generation Haylou GT3 Pro has remained virtually untouched compared to its predecessor. For example, the design of the earbuds was made in the form of AirPods. That is, the earbuds received a leg with silicone ear tips.

Haylou GT3 Pro Review: Inexpensive Hybrid TWS Earbuds Under $30

The weight of one earbud does not exceed 3.8 grams. Therefore, I had no particular problems with the comfort of the fit and other troubles. I was comfortable wearing the earbuds for hours. But since these are in-ear earbuds, after 2 hours of continuous wearing, my ears demanded a little rest.

In addition, I felt comfortable doing sports with the new GT3 Pro model. Also, the earbud housing has received protection from sweat and splash water under the IPX4 standard. Perhaps this is not complete protection against water. But even such insignificant protection will have a good effect during sports.

Haylou GT3 Pro Review: Inexpensive Hybrid TWS Earbuds Under $30

Like the previous generation, the updated version of the GT3 Pro earbuds received a combination of two materials in its performance. The main body was made of matte plastic, but the outer part received a glossy finish. I had no complaints about the build quality since while wearing, the earbuds did not emit extraneous squeaks and sounds.

Naturally, on the outside of the case, there is a touch control with an LED indicator. But on the inside, there is a two-pin connection for charging through the box. In the meantime, a microphone was installed on the bottom of the leg, but I will talk about its quality a little later.

Haylou GT3 Pro Review: Inexpensive Hybrid TWS Earbuds Under $30

The charging box of the new generation GT3 Pro itself received completely the same dimensions and weight as the previous-generation GT3. It was made of matte plastic, which is already pleasing. Since glossy execution is not the most practical option for me.

The dimensions of the box are not very large, so you obviously won’t have any difficulties with transportation. In terms of build quality, the lid received a plastic hinge with a magnetic connection. The lid itself has a slight backlash, albeit insignificant.

The front of the box of the GT3 Pro earbud model received three LED indicators. But on the back of the case, there is a Type-C connection for charging. Okay, now let’s check the connection quality and talk about touch controls.

Call quality, latency, and touch controls

For the wireless connection in the updated generation of TWS earbuds Haylou GT3 Pro, Bluetooth 5.0 version is responsible. Also, only one SBC codec was installed onboard the device and you will not find other codecs such as AAC and aptX.

Haylou GT3 Pro Review: Inexpensive Hybrid TWS Earbuds Under $30

In terms of the quality of communication with my smartphone, I did not find it. The signal was stable even at a distance of 10 meters and there were no interruptions or interference. Overall, the earbuds performed well, but what about the latency level? Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Haylou GT3 Pro Review: Inexpensive Hybrid TWS Earbuds Under $30

So, in terms of the level of delay, while watching videos on YouTube, I had no problems at all. But it is difficult to call the earbuds a gaming headset since the latency level during games was 300-350 ms. Despite this, playing games like Call Of Duty or PUBG Mobile was pretty comfortable.

Haylou GT3 Pro Review: Inexpensive Hybrid TWS Earbuds Under $30

The touch controls remained intact and similar to the first generation.

  • One-touch plays or pauses the track. Also, using this command, you can accept or put a phone call.
  • Double-tapping the left or right channel switches the track backward or forward, respectively.
  • A triple tap calls up the voice control function.

Sound and microphone quality

As I said, a single 7.2mm dynamic driver was installed inside each earbud. The manufacturer also added one more armature emitter to the additives. In theory, the sound quality on the Haylou GT3 Pro should be an order of magnitude better than that of its predecessor, the GT3.

Indeed, some songs played order of magnitude better than the first generation of earbuds. For example, the GT3 Pro TWS model had good bass. And the middle and high frequencies played very well, both for their class of devices.

Detailing has become an order of magnitude better. Therefore, the musical instruments and the vocalist’s voice sounded very high quality. But I can’t call the sound quality of the new hybrid earbuds perfect. Since the mids have become more dominant towards the low frequencies, and for some users, this may not be particularly pleasant.

Haylou GT3 Pro Review: Inexpensive Hybrid TWS Earbuds Under $30

Overall, comparing the sound quality between Haylou GT3 Pro and Haylou GT3, I would prefer the latter option. Since the GT3 model is more versatile, it absorbs any genre of music.

What about the quality of the microphones? Then you should not expect miracles either, because the earbuds did not cope very well with windy weather or noisy places. But in a quiet place, your interlocutors will hear you quite clearly.

Battery and run time

The updated version of Haylou GT3 Pro has received some improvements in battery life. A 43 mAh battery was installed inside the case. As my practice has shown, the battery life at 100% volume levels, the earbuds worked for almost 4 hours.

Haylou GT3 Pro Review: Inexpensive Hybrid TWS Earbuds Under $30

Let me remind you that the previous generation GT3 played for about 3 hours. But the total battery life remains the same at about 28 hours using a charging case with a 600 mAh battery.

Full charging time via Type-C connection was about 2 hours.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

After in-depth testing of the updated version of Haylou GT3 Pro, I can’t say with certainty that the Pro ending makes a lot of sense. Since I did not find any big differences between the first and second generations.

Haylou GT3 Pro Review: Inexpensive Hybrid TWS Earbuds Under $30

Yes, perhaps, in some aspects, the new generation of earbuds will play order of magnitude better and more detailed. But to call the sound universal I will not turn my tongue.

On the other hand, the battery life is slightly longer. But the build quality, the materials used remained untouched. Incidentally, as well as the ease of fit, touch control, and signal quality.

Haylou GT3 Pro Review: Inexpensive Hybrid TWS Earbuds Under $30

On the downside, I can attribute it to the lack of a volume control function and a proximity sensor for auto-pause.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

The price tag for modern TWS earbuds Haylou GT3 Pro is very attractive, which was $27.81 with a 30% discount.

Considering its low cost, it is possible that the choice of a new earbud model will be good. But you should also pay attention to the previous generation from Haylou, which will be even slightly cheaper.


Alternative and competitors

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