On Google's I / O day leak new information on Pixel 2

The second generation of the successor of Nexus devices is coming around, as is already customary in the world of technology several details of the device end up leaking on the web ahead of time. With the new generation of the Pixel line, it could not be different. Were you watching Pixel 2? Then follow the latest leaks that tell you more about the specs list for the next Google smartphone.

The gadget, known internally by the codename “Taimen” promises to come with powerful hardware. You already have some concepts of the device circling around with a set of dual cameras on the back and front of the device:

Pixel 2: Specifications

It is worth remembering that one of the variants of ‘Pixel 2’ was recently caught in the benchmark app ‘Geekbench’, so we already know what to expect from the next Pixel at least in processing power. Qualcomm’s SoC, probably the octa-core Snapdragon 835, will run clocked at 1.9 GHz.

On Google's I / O day leak new information on Pixel 2

The gadget comes on the market with 4 GB of RAM, following the current pattern of various flagships released so far in 2017. The big news in terms of software is due to the guaranteed presence of Android O, as is usual the search giant Always brings the most up-to-date version of the system on your new handsets.

In terms of performance, we are talking about a smartphone that must fight equally with names like the Galaxy S8 thanks to the similarity in the list of internal components. The device’s pre-production units scored 1804 points on single-core and 6284 multi-core tests, a small difference of about 100 points in favor of Samsung’s new flagship.

On Google's I / O day leak new information on Pixel 2

It is worth highlighting here that in the test with several cores working Pixel 2 came out ahead with 200 points ahead. Not bad, right? Is there more news during Google I / O? Keep an eye on Awaqa to stay on top of new information on the launches of the Pixel line for 2017.

Source: Forbes

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