Google VP comments alleged plans to replace Android by Fuchsia OS

Even in August 2016, we saw the first information about Fuchsia OS, Google’s new opera, ing system that supposedly would replace Android in the near future. In addition to working on both smartphones and TVs, computers and even Internet devices of Things, the new platform would bring its own kernel fully developed by the giant Mountain View, unlike Android that uses the Linux kernel as the basis.

This change would allow even greater control by the company on the optimizations allowed in the system, consequently ensuring a much more satisfactory stability for the supported hardware and an ecosystem that works more homogeneously with the entire device portfolio.

Google VP comments alleged plans to replace Android by Fuchsia OS

With the leak of a video demonstrating the Fuchsia OS in full operation, in addition to an APK file that allows the use of the interface that would be used in the new system, it became necessary for a high ranking employee of Google to manifest, since a lot of people started To take for granted the end of the little green robot for the arrival of a new competitor.

Who took the floor was Dave Burke, current VP of Google responsible for Android. In his statement, he said that Fuchsia OS is nothing more than one of several experiments the company is still in the initial design phase, and should take a long time for it to converge to something that can actually be brought to the end user. That obviously several changes will occur until this stage.

“Fuchsia is an experimental project in the initial phase. We actually have many initial projects on Google. I think what’s interesting here is open source, so people can see it and comment on it. Like many early stage projects, it is likely that it will be able to change and transform, there are really smart people, people with whom we work and who are great to see what happens. Definitely a diff– independent project type for Android. And yes, basically that.”

With that, what he makes clear is that at least for now there is no possibility of Android being replaced by the Fuchsia OS. Can it happen that in the future this new system reaches a stage where it becomes more interesting than the little green robot?

Google VP comments alleged plans to replace Android by Fuchsia OS

Of course, but in the case of a project still in its initial stages, do not expect such a drastic change for at least the next few years.

Source: BGR


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