Google Lens vs Samsung Bixby Vision: Best of Every Home

The first day of Google I / O is over and there are some interesting things that the Silicon Valley company has presented. Most of them are focused on the improvements of their applications and their new functions and one of them is Google Assistant. So let’s face the new Google Lens vs Samsung Bixby Vision to see the differences presented by each of them.

It seems that in the days that run, the camera of our mobile devices takes a special role. Whether it’s to take photos or selfies and upload them to social networks, save important information quickly or even translate text in real time, the camera is an element that great companies treat with great care. And Google could not be less. He has presented his competition for Samsung’s Bixby Vision and looks very good.

Comparing Google Lens vs Samsung Bixby Vision

Google Lens vs Samsung Bixby Vision: Best of Every Home

Yesterday, in the presentation of Google, we were able to see interesting new developments both in terms of applications and new software and improvements that will gradually be implemented in the ecosystem of the American company. This article is Google Lens, a Google Assistant functionality that allows us to read the information that surrounds us through the camera of our device.

Google Assistant on Google Pixel

Back in 2012, Google introduced Google Goggles a very early version of the application that yesterday shared with the world. The added enhancements put it to compete with the proposal that Samsung launched along with its artificial intelligence in Galaxy S8, Bixby Vision. And now we are going to see the differences between the two to see what options each one offers.

On the one hand, Bixby Vision recognizes objects that, in relation to several applications, offers us results depending on what we are focusing on.

  • Amazon for Shopping
  • Pinterest for similar images
  • Foursquare to identify places and monuments
  • Google translator to translate text
  • Vivino for wine searches.

When Bixby Vision recognizes what the camera shows, the logo of the application with which the object is related will appear.

Just as Google Lens is integrated into Google Assistant, Bixby Vision is included within the Bixby options, so you must first launch the wizard in order to use this feature. It is also present in the Samsung camera application, as well as in the gallery. This allows you to use this functionality with both new and old photos that you already have made and stored in your device.

Google Lens vs Samsung Bixby Vision: Best of Every Home

Despite this, the large amount of data handled by Google seems to indicate that it will be much more complete than presented by the Korean, which also does not finish being polished to this day. Google has managed to draw attention to their conference and present interesting improvements that can decant the balance in their favor as the integration with the system and its services for more than assured.

Google Lens is the part of Google Assistant that uses the images obtained by the camera instead of the text or voice that we normally enter. It uses its advanced algorithm of the user’s learning to offer results according to the context that is being treated. You need to start Google Assistant to access Google Lens. By focusing on the object from which we want information, Google will provide us with everything you find related to it. Regardless of the device you have, the camera will work without problems and you can make use of this fantastic tool.

Google Lens vs Samsung Bixby Vision: Best of Every Home

Some examples they showed are the ones we can see in the image above. It focuses on a flower and Google Lens offers information about what type of flower or florists nearby where to buy. If we focus on a poster of a theater will offer us the possibility to buy tickets to go see the work and what sessions and schedules there are. And one of the simplest but most useful options is to be able to connect to a WiFi network by simply pointing the camera of our device and Google Lens activated to the back of the router where it puts the name of the network and its password. These are the little things that Google likes to notice. Compared to Bixby Vison, Google Lens also works with old photos stored, yes, in the Google gallery, ie Google Photos.

Google Lens vs Samsung Bixby Vision: Best of Every Home

A priori it is expected that these novelties will be launched at the end of the year. Knowing the options offered, the integration with the system that has and the amount of information that Google handles, we are sure that Google Lens will be a serious blow to Samsung’s Bixby Vision.

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