Gmail app for Android gets anti-phishing security checks

Google extends the Gmail app for Android to include security checks to prevent anti-phishing with suspicious links. How the safety mechanism works.

Gmail app for Android with anti-phishing protection

Phishing emails, where attackers try to capture data from users, everyone knows. The presentation of the e-mails becomes better and the recognition of a falsified mail more and more difficult. If you do not get up and land through a genuine phishing mail on a fake website and enter the correct access data for a service, the consequences are mostly serious. To prevent this and to point out the danger behind phishing, Google has donated a security check to the Android Gmail app, which looks like this:

Gmail app for Android gets anti-phishing security checks

If you click in the Gmail app under Android in an e-mail to a link that is suspicious of Google, you will get this warning. You will be informed that the site you want to visit is a fake and has already been identified for tricks for obtaining financial, personal or sensitive data. You can visit the website, of course, but you should be aware of the danger. If you detect a false alarm, you can report this Google so that the page is no longer suspicious after an intense test. It does not matter if you use an old Android smartphone or the latest Galaxy S8 from Samsung.

Anti-phishing alert is distributed step by step

Google will not, of course, do the phishing out of the world, but with the increased attention but make sure that you look more closely and do not simply trust every link, which is found in an e-mail – just because the appearance is familiar. The deployment of the security feature has started, but it may take several days before the phishing suspicious message appears on any Android device. In the meantime, you can read our tips on phishing protection.

Source: Googleblog


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