Genius fight: HTC U11 vs HTC 10 in Speed and Audio Tests

Although HTC is no longer present in the Europe market this does not mean that the Taiwanese manufacturer does not have devices quite interesting to the public, such as HTC U11, the brand’s new flagship and great competitor of the so-called Galaxy S8 and also the HTC 10, the company’s top line device last year. Today we see at the¬†fight on HTC U11 vs HTC 10 on YouTube video.

HTC U11 vs HTC 10: Who’s winning?

Watching this, YouTube channel Shaan Haider posted a video last Friday (26) in which he places the two high-end smartphones side by side in a series of comparative tests. To find out which one got the best you will have to watch and check the result by giving play below:

To those interested, there is also another more specific video comparing the speakers of the two devices:

What did you think of the above tests, reader? Is good quality audio delivery really a differential when choosing a smartphone? Tell us your opinion in the space dedicated to comments!

Source: Shaan Haider


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