Galaxy S8 + vs LG G6 vs Huawei P10 Plus: duel by who gives more to rise with throne Android

There is still a lot of years and we have to value well the proposals of brands such as Sony, HTC, Apple or even ZTE, but we could not overlook a face to face between three of the most ambitious terminals so far in 2017: Samsung Galaxy S8 +, LG G6 and Huawei P10 Plus. Each one is a different bet and brings a high level to the high-end Android, but who will take the throne?

Design: clear winner, with nuances

Samsung has set the bar high with the S8 +. It produces a “wow” effect that makes it at that first glance to stand out above its rivals and, in general, of the whole industry. That use of the screen, the aesthetics and the touch that allow the materials, the curves … is of another level.

However, the LG G6 also follows the trend of “eating” frames and has a differential factor with respect to S8 +: it has no curves. The grip and feel in hand are very pleasant and, without the doubt, will be an alternative for those potential users who do not want to have a mobile with curves. Its materials also make the back part less fingerprint magnet than the S8 +, something that may or may not is important, depending on whether you use the smartphone with the sling or not.

On the other hand, the Huawei P10 Plus follows a more conventional design but very well achieved. It is elegant and comfortable to handle, although it is true that before the G6 and S8 + screen, it seems a mobile older than it is (and this is something that will also face other manufacturers that do not Adopt the “fashion without frames”).

Galaxy S8 + vs LG G6 vs Huawei P10 Plus: duel by who gives more to rise with throne Android

The S8 + has the 6.2 inches, LG G6 has the 5.7 inches and Huawei P10 Plus has the 5.5 inches. All three have a screen large enough to enjoy games, applications, and multimedia content comfortably. Here LG and Samsung are betting on a change in the aspect ratio (they leave aside the 16: 9 to go to by 18: 9, or an approximation to them in the case of Samsung), which has its pros and cons.

Pros? That the applications and contents optimized for this resolution is happy to see them. The downside is that this relationship is by no means still a standard and most applications and services are still not ready, which causes black stripes on the sides in the case of movies or series, or image scaling in that information is lost. Here, without a doubt, the P10 Plus offers a more balanced experience in every way. More conventional, but no surprises in the day to day.

The screen quality of the three models is outstanding, although Samsung stands out with a great Super AMOLED

On the technology side, we have LG and Huawei betting on IPS panels and a Samsung that continues with Super AMOLED. At this point, there is little doubt as to who offers better color, contrast, and brightness. Samsung has a few years with a great role on screens (even if it has slipped, such as the reddish hue of the S8), and that the quality of the G6 and P10 Plus is very good too.

Both the G6 and S8 + have HDR modes to enjoy the content compatible (although here would have to enter the war of standards in HDR content), a point in which, unfortunately, Huawei lags behind.

A negative point for Samsung, in this case, is that, by default, it presents Full HD resolution. It is a shame because it is capable of reaching 2K and if you want it you will have to change manually. It is a decision to save battery in the day to day. If you bet on a big resolution, Samsung, go fully with it like LG has done.

Difficult to choose who performs best

Galaxy S8 + vs LG G6 vs Huawei P10 Plus: duel by who gives more to rise with throne Android

In benchmarks, we can be as objective as possible by claiming that the Exynos 8895 from S8 + gets the best numbers, but right now it is difficult to distinguish at the level of user experience between the performance of any of the three terminals. All are fluent and none have commitments that make every day difficult.

There have been criticisms of LG for mounting the Snapdragon 821 instead of the 835, but this in practice is not an appreciable problem in normal use.

It’s hard to see which one performs best: all three are very good

Yes, it is true that at optimization level it seems that the Huawei P10 Plus suffers a little more, something that we noticed in the general warming of the terminal and that does not happen, at least not so much, in their opponents.

In terms of storage capacity, Huawei is the most generous with those 128 GB. Samsung opts for 64 GB and LG offers 32 and 64 GB versions. All three have microSD slot in case we need more space.

Finally, in autonomy, the Huawei P10 Plus takes the palm with those 3750mAh and an efficiency that manages to reach the end of the day without inconvenience, even if you are very demanding. The normal thing is that the G6 and S8 + hold the day well, but with these screens, it is possible that you have to refuel the battery along the way. In any case, they all have a fast charge that works great.

Cameras: LG G6, S8 Plus, Huawei P10

Curiously, here is the S8 + the most conservative, with the main camera very continuity with respect to the S7 that behaves great in all kinds of situations and with that opening 1.7 that continues to make the difference in low light conditions. What’s up? It does not have a double camera with that extra offered by LG and Huawei.

Galaxy S8 + vs LG G6 vs Huawei P10 Plus: duel by who gives more to rise with throne Android

On a day-to-day basis, the wide angle of the G6’s double camera may be more useful for all the information that allows you to capture in many everyday situations. The P10 Plus monochrome sensor works great for more artistic results and its portrait mode is the best on the market (next to the iPhone 7 Plus).

In the case of selfies, we really liked the performance of the Huawei P10 Plus by the colors and contrast it gets, very natural (except when you activate the beauty mode, of course, that you can see very artificial faces there). In this section, Samsung and LG do very well and there is a clear winner.

Which one has the best camera (or cameras)? It depends on what kind of photographs you make, no more, no less. The three phones offer something different and their results are high level.

Final notes

Galaxy S8 + vs LG G6 vs Huawei P10 Plus: duel by who gives more to rise with throne Android

If anything is clear is that none of the three phones will disappoint a potential buyer. At the end, it is the small details that will make you choose one or the other: the iris scanner and facial recognition of the S8 +, which the fingerprint sensor prefers the front or back, you use the photograph a lot Black and white or you get better a wide angle …

And, of course, the price: Huawei P10 Plus from 799 euros, LG G6 from 749 euros (eye because it is falling fast price) and S8 + from 909 euros (with an AKG headphones included). What is it for you?

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