Galaxy S8: Different storage types installed - info removed from website

In the Galaxy S8 probably different storage types are used, according to Huawei now also Samsung. These differ markedly at the read and write speed.

Cheats Samsung at the store? According to a report in the XDA forum, the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is the UFS 2.0 and sometimes the UFS 2.1 memory installed. It is more than just a rumor: Samsung has also removed the information on the different storage types on the Galaxy S8 product page. UFS 2.1 is now suddenly no more speech.

Information from website disappeared

Previously, the Galaxy S8 (Plus) was advertised on the official site with “64 GB (UFS 2.1)”. Sometime in the last days, the reference to the fast memory was removed. Now only 64 GB is mentioned, without special marking.

Galaxy S8: Different storage types installed - info removed from website

Huawei had been very similar. At the Huawei P10, it was said that UFS 2.1 was installed. However, this is not the case in any unit. Some have gotten the slower eMMC 5.1. According to Huawei CEO Richard Yu, supply bottlenecks were the reason for using different storage types. According to him, however, a difference in performance does not exist in practice. The devices were optimally optimized. Information on UFS 2.1 in the P10 has been removed from the product page.

Probably only Snapdragon devices affected

Back to Samsung S8: Apparently, only devices with Snapdragon processor are affected. In Germany and other countries, only one variant with Exynos processor is sold. Users in the US should take their S8 (Plus) better under the magnifying glass. With an app like Androbench, the sequential reading speed can be quickly found. It quickly becomes clear which memory is on board.

UFS 2.0 vs. UFS 2.1: Clear differences

At first glance, a difference between UFS 2.0 and UFS 2.1 is rather small. But it is much more than just a small version jump. The faster version can read about 800 MB per second, while UFS 2.0 here “only” comes to values of about 500 MB per second. A much slower memory, which was not marked by Samsung.

Source: Xda-developers


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