Media Markt today, as so-called “snaps of the day” the Galaxy J5 (2016). The electronics retailer requires online and in the markets only 145 euros for the Android phone. A good price! But is buying the Samsung smartphone worthwhile at all?
Galaxy J5 (2016) Duos for 145 Euro at Media Markt: Is it worth buying?
Media Markt sold today, April 3, nationwide the Samsung smartphone Galaxy J5 (2016) Duos cheaper. While other dealers demand just fewer than 180 euros for the dual-SIM mobile phone, Media Markt calls a price of 145 euros. You will not find the J5 (2016) cheaper nowhere. But is buying the Samsung smartphone worthwhile at all?
In the test scores, the Galaxy J5 (2016) has the exchangeable battery and a metal frame. Furthermore, it offers a large screen and a pro mode within the camera app. Both features are rather unusual in this price class. Another plus: In September the Galaxy J5 (2016) is to receive an update on Android 7.0 nougat.

Moderate performance

However, the moderate performance and the absence of a status LED are objectionable. So you will not be notified of missed messages and calls with a flashing light. Note also: The successor Galaxy J5 (2017) is already in the starting holes. So it could be that the J5 (2016) will soon be even cheaper.

The purchase of the Galaxy J5 (2016) is especially recommendable to users who are looking for a smartphone with the replaceable battery, good camera, and voice quality and not so much emphasis on performance. On Awaqa, you will find an extensive review of the Galaxy J5 (2016) as well as a review of the best smartphones up to 200 euros.

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