Galaxy C10: This is Samsung's first dual-camera smartphone

The rumors around a Samsung smartphone with the dual camera seem to confirm. The Galaxy C10 is for the first time seen on a picture and reveals a camera module with a double lens. This is Samsung’s flagship smartphones before.

Samsung Galaxy C10 with dual camera

While other manufacturers are trying new ideas and equipment for smartphones in high-end models, Samsung regularly goes a different way and installed novelties first in medium-class smartphones. Actually, the Galaxy S8 should be equipped with a dual camera, as photos of a prototype have shown, but in the end, it has become nothing. The camera was hardly changed in comparison to its predecessor – so that you can get with the Galaxy S7 a very good camera smartphone at a reasonable price.

But the times of the individual camera sensors in Samsung smartphones could soon come to an end because the Galaxy C10 is equipped with a dual camera system on the back. The official presentation by the manufacturer is still pending, but a product image already confirms the use. In addition to the dual camera, there is a dual-tone LED flash and a metal housing with a new antenna design. Pink may not suit every user, but other colors should also be offered.

Samsung Galaxy C10 for the upper middle class

Galaxy C10: This is Samsung's first dual-camera smartphone

The technical equipment of the Samsung Galaxy C10 will be up to date with the Snapdragon 660 processor, but this is rather in the upper middle class. Samsung will also not do without a Bixby button. In the Galaxy C9 Pro also work 6 GB of RAM, which could also get the C10 donated. Samsung would have a solid mid-class smartphone that possesses features that do not even offer the flagship Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. There is, for example, only 4 GB of RAM.

For Samsung, switching to dual cameras is, of course, important for smartphones to keep up with the competition. But the company must, of course, ensure that the picture quality does not deteriorate. For this reason, the Galaxy S8 has received a single sensor, which makes, however, excellent pictures and videos, as our test proves.

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