In the iPad Pro 9.7 makes the automatically adjustable ambient light customizable True Tone display an excellent job. According to Bank Barclays, Apple will also use the underlying technology for the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S.
From iPhone 7S to iPhone 8: All three iPhone innovations with True Tone display
Apple’s new iPad, the so-called True Tone Display is not in the equipment list. Not surprisingly, it is a relatively cheap entry-level tablet. According to information from the Barclays Bank, Apple is to put on all three new iPhone models, which are expected to appear around the end of 2017, with this display technology.
Thus, not only the top model iPhone 8 / iPhone Edition but also the iPhone 7S variants will have a True Tone display. Until now Apple installed the said True Tone display only in the 9.7-inch measuring iPad Pro.

Is the dress blue or light blue?

With the small iPad Pro, a special ambient light sensor continuously measures the light conditions. The colors of the display are then re-adjusted permanently. If you are in the bright sun with the iPad, the True Tone display makes the color temperature a bit cooler, which leads to a more realistic picture impression. The transitions are fluid. The sensors for the technology in the new iPhones are to come from the Austrian company AMS.

Most rumors assume that at least the iPhone 8 / iPhone Edition will have a more or less bent OLED display. But here, too, there are contradictory reports. Apple will introduce its new iPhone generation all foreseeable after September. All relevant information, conceptual images, and patents for the iPhone 8 generation can be found on this overview page.

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