Flydigi Cyberfox T1 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds

Flydigi focuses on wireless gaming earbuds and I have previously tested a model called Flydigi Cyberfox. Today I have reviewed an updated version with a fully wireless connection and this is Flydigi Cyberfox T1.

In this article, you can find out my impressions of the appearance and build quality. In addition, I will talk about the main advantages and disadvantages, sound quality, and much more.

But the first thing I want to draw your attention to is the price. Now you can buy Flydigi Cyberfox T1 at a rather attractive price for almost $55.


This price includes good game design, which is very much like its predecessor. There is also a 12 mm driver inside the earbuds, and the device also received a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection. You can also note the IP54 water protection and fast charging via Type-C connection.

Ok, I already have an idea of ​​what earbuds are capable of, but let’s check how they cope with my tasks in everyday life.

Flydigi Cyberfox T1: Specifications

Flydigi Cyberfox T1:Specs
Impedance:16 ohms
Driver unit:12mm driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC and SBC
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:6h

Unboxing and packaging

The box in which the new Flydigi Cyberfox T1 wireless gaming earbuds are supplied has received a small square shape. On the front, you can find a drawing of the earbuds with the model and company name.

Flydigi Cyberfox T1 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds

On the back of the box, there is a small list of technical details. These include low latency, 12 mm driver, ENC noise isolation, and more.

Flydigi Cyberfox T1 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds

The package bundle was not as rich as I had hoped. For example, inside the box, I found – these are the earbuds themselves and a charging box, a Type-C cable, a set of various ear tips, and instructions.

Flydigi Cyberfox T1 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds

Considering its cost, I would like to receive a slightly larger package. But I will not be upset ahead of time and let’s see what materials the earbuds are made of.

Design, build quality and materials

The Flydigi Cyberfox T1 is truly gaming earbuds as they stand out pretty well in appearance. But you won’t find any LEDs on the earbud case, although that might be for the best.

Flydigi Cyberfox T1 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds

The plastic is made in a combination of gray glossy plastic. The manufacturer also offers a black color, but as you guessed, on my test, the earbuds are in gray.

The build quality is good, but the quality of the plastic itself is not the best. For example, after a few days of use, I was able to leave small abrasions on the earbud case. This despite the fact that I have never dropped them or thrown them on a hard surface.

Flydigi Cyberfox T1 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds

As I mentioned, the design of the Cyberfox T1 is very similar to its older brother with the wired version of the earbuds. Therefore, in terms of convenience, I was very comfortable with the Flydigi Cyberfox model. Thus, the new TWS earbuds are also comfortable for extended wear. The weight of one earphone does not exceed 5.5 grams, and this weight is practically not felt.

Protection against water is IP54, but this is not complete protection against water, but only against sweat and small splashes. Therefore, you cannot swim in them, but you can go in for sports.

Flydigi Cyberfox T1 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds

On the outside, you can see touch controls with a hole for an additional microphone. On the leg at the bottom, there are contacts for charging and a hole for the main microphone. I note right away that there is no proximity sensor here, as well as active noise reduction.

The charging box received a similar design as the Apple AirPods Pro, but with gaming elements. On the front, an LED strip was installed that glows blue if the charge level is from 20% to 100% and red if it is below 20%. The information content, of course, is very weak from the backlight, but oh well.

Flydigi Cyberfox T1 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds

The lid got a pretty decent backlash and it opens thanks to the magnetic connection.

At the bottom of the box is a Type-C charging port, and on the back, you can see a quick pairing button.

It is possible to carry the charging box in a jeans pocket since the dimensions are only 64 x 45 x 25 mm, and the box weighs about 37 grams without earbuds. Now I propose to move away from the look a little and move on to the next rather important section.

Connection, latency, and control

After Huawei uses the Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connection in its latest models of devices, then version 5.0 will not surprise anyone. Despite this, the signal quality was always stable even through the wall of the room.

Flydigi Cyberfox T1 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds

Another important feature of the Flydigi Cyberfox T1 is its gaming mode with a minimum latency of 60ms. As my practice has shown, there is no delay in games at all, just like when watching a video on YouTube.

A little about the touch control, it works adequately well and I did not have any accidental clicks. All the functionalities of the earbuds are not bad, but there is no volume control function here. For the rest, all other control functions are available, I think I will not list them, since I write about them in every article.

Sound and microphone quality

But for the sound quality at a pretty good level, given the moment that these are still gaming wireless earbuds. A 12 mm driver was installed inside the Flydigi Cyberfox T1 case, which has a good volume level.

Flydigi Cyberfox T1 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds

In turn, the low frequencies are not as massive as I wanted to get, but I also cannot call them weak. Small but confident bass is present that does not overlap other frequencies when playing music.

The mids are not as tight as most wireless earbuds. And the high frequencies have a crystal clear sound with good headroom.

Flydigi Cyberfox T1 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds

When compared with wireless earbuds, Flydigi Cyberfox T1 is much outperformed by such models as Huawei FreeBuds 3, QCY T5 Pro, and SOUNDPEATS TrueAir 2.

Now a little about the quality of the microphone, the Cyberfox T1 model with microphones is doing fine. In a quiet room, the interlocutor will hear you very well, and in noisy or windy places, the quality of the microphone will also not be worse.

Battery and run time

Given the fact that these are truly wireless earbuds, there is no point in expecting battery life like the Flydigi Cyberfox model. Each earbud has a 40 mAh battery, and there is also a charging box with a 500 mAh battery.

Flydigi Cyberfox T1 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds

The battery life at maximum volume was about 4 hours, and at 50% volume level about 6.5 hours. I would like to note that when the game mode was on, the battery life was the same.

The earbuds are charged via Type-C connection in 1.5 hours.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

Flydigi Cyberfox T1 are true wireless earbuds that I’ve had to test lately.

Flydigi Cyberfox T1 Review: True Gaming TWS Earbuds

Of course, the main feature of Flydigi earbuds is the game mode with minimal latency. I also liked the sound quality, although it is difficult to call it ideal. Yes, you can find other TWS earbuds with a more spacious and deeper sound, but there will be problems with the delay.

In addition, I liked the touch controls and even battery life. Another important feature for me was the ease of wearing, and here the Cyberfox T1 model has a good comfortable fit.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Currently, you can purchase Flydigi Cyberfox T1 wireless earbuds at a good price for only $56.20 with a 23% discount.

After testing Flydigi wireless gaming earbuds, I was left under positive emotions and can definitely recommend them for purchase. Moreover, 11.11 is not far off, where you can get a really good discount in many online stores in China.


Alternative and competitors

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