Flydigi CyberFox Review: Gaming Wireless Earbuds Under $ 50

Flydigi recently introduced its new model of wireless gaming earbuds called Flydigi CyberFox.

I have already been testing these earbuds for several days and I have a first impression of which I want to share. Thus, in this article, you will find out my personal opinion about the sound quality, assembly, and also whether there is a latency in games.

As for the price, you can currently get Flydigi CyberFox earbuds for just under $ 50. It’s not hard to guess that the device belongs to the middle segment, but given its features, the price tag is quite reasonable.


For example, from a technical point of view, I found such useful features as support for the aptX HD codec, a large 14.2 mm driver, and the presence of a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection. Also, here it makes sense to mention the great battery life of about 16 hours and the Type-C connector for charging.

But before starting the full review, the most interesting feature is the shape of the earbuds. Despite the fact that they have a neck cord, that is, they are not completely wireless, they are also made in the form of semi-in-ear earbuds.

Flydigi CyberFox: Specifications

Flydigi CyberFox:Specs
Impedance:3 ohms
Driver unit:14.2 mm Dynamic driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:aptX HD, AAC, SBC
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:16h

Unboxing and packaging

Flydigi CyberFox wireless earbuds come in a rather large box, as for the TWS earbud segment. On the front of the gray box, there is a drawing of the earbuds itself, the name of the company, and the main technical features that I described in the introduction.

Flydigi CyberFox Review: Gaming Wireless Earbuds Under $ 50

Inside the box, the earbuds themselves are located in a separate groove, and to remove the earbuds you will need to try even more. The package also includes a carrying case, Type-C cable, and instructions for use. In the latter, you can learn about the main functions, control features, and there is even a QR code for installing a proprietary application.

Since the form factor of the CyberFox model is semi-in-ear earbuds, there are no ear tips in the kit. Okay, now let’s take a look at the look and see what materials the gaming earbuds are made of.

Design, assembly, and materials

The first thing you notice is that the Flydigi CyberFox module really looks like gaming earbuds. In my case, on the test, the earbuds are made of white and gray, but you can also order the device in black.

Flydigi CyberFox Review: Gaming Wireless Earbuds Under $ 50

I have no comments on the comfort of wearing. If you have no problems wearing Apple AirPods, then CyberFox will not cause discomfort. Since these are semi-in-ear earbuds – the main feature is its comfortable fit without any fatigue.

Flydigi CyberFox Review: Gaming Wireless Earbuds Under $ 50

Yes, you will hear ambient sounds around you, but your ears will not get tired from the heavy load while listening to music. There is already a large body of research that suggests the strong benefits of semi- in-ear earbuds for your ears.

Flydigi CyberFox Review: Gaming Wireless Earbuds Under $ 50

According to the performance materials, Flydigi CyberFox is made of high-quality white plastic, which is not easily soiled and is well assembled. I did not find any extraneous squeaks and sounds while wearing them.

Flydigi CyberFox Review: Gaming Wireless Earbuds Under $ 50

The neckband, which connects the two earbuds with wire, is made of silicone material. It bends easily and fits well on the neck. It is also worth noting that the earbuds themselves sit firmly in the ear canal and, even with strong shaking, they did not fall out. Therefore, playing sports such as running will not be a problem in the CyberFox gaming model.

Flydigi CyberFox Review: Gaming Wireless Earbuds Under $ 50

In addition, the earbuds have received IP54 splash protection. So the earbuds will not be afraid of rain, but you cannot swim or take a shower in them.

Flydigi CyberFox Review: Gaming Wireless Earbuds Under $ 50

On the neck cord is a control panel with a power button, volume control, or track switching. And also on it, only on the other side there is a Type-C charging connection closed with a plug.

Flydigi CyberFox Review: Gaming Wireless Earbuds Under $ 50

Each Flydigi CyberFox earbud has one LED light on the outside. While listening to music, they burn very smoothly, but it is also possible to disable them in the settings of the proprietary application. Another way to turn off the LEDs is to press the key combination of the power button and the plus sign.

Flydigi CyberFox Review: Gaming Wireless Earbuds Under $ 50

Okay, as far as looks, design, and build quality are concerned, I have told everything, but now let’s check how to connect earbuds in the application and if it has a lag during games.

Connection, latency, and control

Like most TWS earbuds, Flydigi CyberFox connects to a smartphone or other device via a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection. After pairing with a smartphone, I see that the connected codec is indeed aptX HD.

Flydigi CyberFox Review: Gaming Wireless Earbuds Under $ 50

As I already mentioned through the proprietary Flydigi Game Center mobile application. There are not many features in the application itself, but here you can set the latency level starting from ultra-low, low, and normal. Also in the application, you can remove the flickering of LEDs, get an update, and read the manual in English.


In practice, CyberFox earbuds really didn’t have any lag when gaming. Thus, using the earbuds as gaming headphones for your favorite shooters will be very comfortable.

Flydigi CyberFox Review: Gaming Wireless Earbuds Under $ 50

Control is carried out via mechanical buttons on the island. In terms of functionality, the earbuds received all possible features. That is, you can adjust the volume, switch tracks, play or stop, and also call the voice assistant.

Sound and microphone quality

Since Flydigi CyberFox wireless earbuds are made in the form factor of earbuds, you should not expect high isolation from the outside world.

Flydigi CyberFox Review: Gaming Wireless Earbuds Under $ 50

A 14.2mm driver is installed inside each earbud. Despite its large size, the volume level is not that huge when compared to vacuum earbuds.

When listening to music, I liked the slight bass that is rarely found in semi-in-ear earbuds. But the clarity was not as much as we would like.

Flydigi CyberFox Review: Gaming Wireless Earbuds Under $ 50

First of all, Flydigi CyberFox earbuds are designed for games, watching videos, podcasts, or listening to audiobooks. But the second place will be music. Yes, you can safely hear music in them, if you are not an audiophile.

As for the quality of the microphone, it is here at a pretty good level. My interlocutor heard me well, even in loud and noisy places.

Battery and battery life

As with Flydigi CyberFox wireless gaming earbuds, battery life is an important factor. A 126 mAh battery is installed inside the earbud case.

Flydigi CyberFox Review: Gaming Wireless Earbuds Under $ 50

As my practice has shown, at 50% music level, the earbuds worked for about 19 hours. The manufacturer says about 16 hours on a single charge, but I guess the volume level should be about 70-80%.

Charging time through a modern Type-C port will be about 1.5 hours, this is like most TWS earbuds in 2020.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

Flydigi CyberFox is truly true gaming wireless earbuds that have no latency in gaming.

Flydigi CyberFox Review: Gaming Wireless Earbuds Under $ 50

But also, this model is well suited for both sports and everyday use. The comfortable fit will not cause any discomfort to your ears and therefore long-wearing will not cause fatigue.

In addition, the sound and microphone quality is not bad for inexpensive earbuds in the under $50 segment. And the battery life on one charge level showed a very progressive result.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

If you are interested in Flydigi CyberFox gaming earbuds, then I will leave a link to Chinese online stores at low prices. You can currently buy earbuds at an attractive price of $48.61 with a 24% discount.

Definitely, if you are looking for semi-in-ear wireless gaming earbuds, then the CyberFox model is a good choice.


Alternative and competitors

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