These are first pictures taken with HTC U11 at night

Since a couple of weeks, everyone talks about the camera of the HTC U11. At the moment we can not know if it is the best since we have not tried it. What we do know is that organizations like DxOMark have rated it as the best in the market. This is something important since devices like the Galaxy S8 have stayed two points below. Last year we saw how the Pixel reached up to 89 points, while this year the HTC U11 has left us with 90 points. Today we are going to leave you with some first pictures made with the HTC U11 that we liked a lot.

One of the worst situations to take pictures with a mobile phone is when the light goes down drastically. This happens when it is night, or we are in a very poorly lit interior. On several occasions, we have seen great photos taken with smartphones at night, like the Google Pixel, or the Nexus 5X, two devices able to capture much light and leave us with great shots. Today, these have been overcome, as the HTC U11 has gone for a walk.

First pictures made with the HTC U11 will leave you speechless

These are first pictures taken with HTC U11 at night

It seems that some users already have the HTC U11 in China, where they have taken the first photos with this mobile. Unlike other mobile phones, this HTC U11 gets great quality when the light conditions are very bad, and we can see it in the gallery that we leave here below. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best snapshots that no smartphone has managed to do.

Source: Gizmochina


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