FIIL CC Review: Prestigious TWS Earbuds with Good Sound

Recently, FIIL has introduced new wireless earbuds with an elegant and attractive design called the FIIL CC.

Earlier, I already met with this brand, namely with the FIIL T1X model. Will the new model of wireless Earbuds show the same professionalism as with the T1X? I will definitely tell you my impression after a few days of testing.

A little about the price, now you can buy FIIL CC at an interesting price up to $90. Just yesterday, I tested the earbuds from Xiaomi, which can be attributed to one price category. So, below I will compare the sound quality on both models.

The main features of the new FIIL CC model include attractive and stylish appearance, Bluetooth 5.0, the presence of the Airoha 1536 chipset, support for SBC and ACC codecs, as well as a Type-C connection for charging.

I want to start the full review with unpacking and appearance, so let’s go!


Impedance:28 ohms
Driver unit:13.1mm Dynamic Drivers
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC and SBC
Charging Time:90 min
Music Time:3.5h


The new FIIL CC TWS wireless earbuds come in a standard black box. But I want to note that the box itself is made of durable cardboard and it is a little happy. For example, Xiaomi saves a little on the quality of the box.

FIIL CC Review: Prestigious TWS Earbuds with Good Sound

The front side received a drawing of earbuds and a charging box with the name of the model. The opposite part of the box has the main technical specs.

Inside the box, I found it is a charging box, earbuds, Type-C cable and instructions for use, both in English and in Chinese.

FIIL CC Review: Prestigious TWS Earbuds with Good Sound

Like the Mi Air 2s TWS, the new FIIL earbuds are made in the form of semi in-ear earbuds, so silicone ear tips are not designed for this model of earbuds.


If you were looking for wireless earbuds that are very similar to the shape of AirPods. But you didn’t like the earbud design from Apple, then you will definitely like the new FIIL CC.

FIIL CC Review: Prestigious TWS Earbuds with Good Sound

The leg itself received a square shape in the section, and not round and it looks really unusual and attractive.

The new FIIL earbuds received only one color – this is gray. Despite the monotony, the gray color looks quite stylish and prestigious.

FIIL CC Review: Prestigious TWS Earbuds with Good Sound

FIIL CC is made of matte plastic, which is not much smeared and does not leave fingerprints on the case. The build quality is high and I have nothing to complain about.

Despite the fact that these are semi in-ear earbuds, the new FIIL CC has received IPX4 standard water protection. This means that you can not be afraid of a little rain and sweat while playing sports.

Although I can’t say that the earbuds are very suitable for sports. Run in them will not work, but for everyday use – it will be just right. For comfort, the earbuds are comfortable and sat pretty well in my ears.

The external part of the headphone case has a nice FIIL logo and a touch control panel.

FIIL CC Review: Prestigious TWS Earbuds with Good Sound

An LED indicator is located on the upper edge, and a microphone hole and charging contacts are located on the lower edge.

The charging case is very reminiscent of the same matte gray plastic as the earbuds themselves. At first glance, it may seem that the box is made of metal, but this is not so.

On the underside of the box, there is a Type-C port for charging, but Qi wireless charging does not have, like the Mi Air 2s TWS.

FIIL CC Review: Prestigious TWS Earbuds with Good Sound

Despite its stylish look, the charging case was separated by a lid that protects the earbuds from the outside world. Naturally, the earbuds are mounted thanks to the magnetic connection. But during strong shaking, the earbuds may fall out.

Connection and Control

The FIIL CC earbuds use Bluetooth wireless technology with version 5.0. On board, there is also support for ACC and SBC codecs, but aptX is not here.

FIIL CC Review: Prestigious TWS Earbuds with Good Sound

But I do not want to say that the quality of communication is poor. In general, the earbuds pair quickly with the mobile device and I did not find any delays even during games.

Now let’s go through the most interesting – this is a proprietary application from FIIL, which can be easily installed on Android and iOS devices.

FIIL CC Review: Prestigious TWS Earbuds with Good Sound

In the main menu of the FIIL CC application, you can set three operating modes – this is watching a video, listening to music or playing games. When using the latter mode – the delay between the earbuds and the smartphone is almost impossible to notice.

The application also has the function of setting the equalizer and changing the functions of touch control to your taste and convenience.

Now I’ll talk a little about the control itself in the FIIL CC earbuds.

  • Double-tap on any channel – play/pause, and also accept/hung up.
  • A hold of about 2 seconds calls the voice assistant function on your smartphone.
  • One-touch on the right channel increases the volume and three touches – decrease the volume.
  • One-touch on the left earbud – switching the track forward and triple touching – back.


Each FIIL CC is equipped with a 13.1 mm dynamic driver, which is slightly smaller than the updated generation Xiaomi Mi Air 2s TWS.

FIIL CC Review: Prestigious TWS Earbuds with Good Sound

But the size did not greatly affect the sound quality. For example, low frequencies sound very dynamic and have good bass. Although before listening to music, I set the low frequencies to almost maximum in the equalizer through the application.

I did not touch the mid and high frequencies in the equalizer and they played well, given their value. I can say with confidence that the earbuds are universal and listening to a different genre of music will not be a problem for FIIL.

FIIL CC Review: Prestigious TWS Earbuds with Good Sound

Compared with the Mi Air 2s TWS and FIIL CC, the sound quality is very similar, but the CC model will benefit slightly from the low frequencies.

The microphone did not fail, and thanks to the correct location, the interlocutor will hear you clearly, without interference, and even in a noisy place.


Each earbud has a 35 mAh battery capacity on the FIIL CC, and the charging case has an additional 350 mAh.

FIIL CC Review: Prestigious TWS Earbuds with Good Sound

As practice showed in an hour and a half of listening, the earbuds were discharged to 51%, and after a little more than 3 hours, the charge level showed about 9%. Therefore, battery life on FIIL CC is not a strong point.

Through the charging box, you can additionally recharge the earbuds about 3-4 times. The total battery life with boxing will be about 15 hours.

Type-C charging port is very convenient in the modern life and the charging time will be about 1.5 hours.

Conclusion and reviews

The main feature of the new FIIL CC model is its elegant appearance.

FIIL CC Review: Prestigious TWS Earbuds with Good Sound

But in addition to design, the earbuds received additional nice features. For example, this is convenient multifunctional touch control, decent sound and a comfortable application with many features.

Of course, the earbuds are not perfect and could not do without flaws. I would change the charging case a bit and add a cover to protect the earbuds. Also, battery life is not the most record.

New earbuds designed for daily use. Due to its lightweight, I could easily wear FIIL for almost the whole day.

FIIL CC: Price and where to buy cheaper?

Now each user can purchase FIIL CC at a low price of about $89.99 with a 10% discount.

If you need prestigious and comfortable earbuds with good sound quality, then the new FIIL CC model will be a good choice.

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