FIIDO M1 Pro Review: Powerful E-Bike 500W and 12.8Ah Battery

Last month one interesting FIIDO electric bike went through my hands – the D11 model. Already today, I moved daily to another model from this brand, which is called FIIDO M1 Pro.

My hero today is a completely different and opposite bike, which cannot be compared with the FIIDO D11 model. In this review, you will learn about the main differences between the two models and why they are so different. I will also share with you my emotions from driving, ease of landing, and other aspects.

Now the most interesting thing is the cost. So, if the D11 model will cost you $999, then the new FIIDO M1 Pro version will cost 50% more – $1499. Yes, yes, the cost of a new e-bike is not the most attractive factor.


But now let me tell you why the manufacturer set such a high price on the M1 Pro. This is a large and massive unit that can take you to any point in your city, even if there is no road on your way.

Since the bike has got 20-inch fat wheels with good grip. In addition, the device received a powerful 500W electric motor, a maximum speed of 40 km/h, and a 12.8 Ah battery capacity.

I propose to start my story with my impressions of the build quality and the materials used. And then you will learn about my emotions about driving, can this bike surprise me or not?

FIIDO M1 Pro: Specifications

FIIDO M1 Pro:Specs
Motor rated power:500W
Wheel size:20×4 inch
Maximum speed:40km/h
Battery:12.8Ah Li-ion battery
Rated voltage:48V
Product weight:25.6 kg
Product size (L x W x H):172 x 26 x 106 cm (UNFOLDED); 96 x 45 x 79 cm(FLODED)

Unboxing and packaging

Like all FIIDO e-bikes, the M1 Pro comes in a standard cardboard box. The bike itself is packed with high quality and completely protected by foam, so the bike came to be safe and sound.

FIIDO M1 Pro Review: Powerful E-Bike 500W and 12.8Ah Battery

It was no surprise to me when I learned about the weight of the box at 29 kilograms. Inside the box, besides the bike itself, I found – these are pedals, a bicycle seat, an instruction manual, and even hex keys.

Now I think it’s worth talking about the look and build quality.

Design, materials used, and build quality

The FIIDO M1 Pro is not just an off-road electric bike, but it is also designed for city life. For example, the first difference between other large bikes with wide wheels is the folding frame.

The dimensions of the bike when unfolded are 172 x 26 x 106 cm, and when folded – 96 x 45 x 79 cm. That is, the dimensions when folded are almost half the size. This way you can carry your bike even in the trunk of your car. This is a very handy feature and rarely seen on off-road bikes.

What I would like to tell you more about the folding parts, and there are a lot of them here. First of all, the frame itself folds, then the base of the steering wheel and even the pedals.

Of course, I cannot ignore the weight, since I think that a bicycle of about 25 kg is a very big problem. Even a well-built man would be good training to lift or move the bike. And if you are a girl or a teenager, this will be a big problem for you.

Most of the weight is, of course, the battery. It is inflamed in the center of the frame and weighs over 5 kg. In addition, when you fold the frame on the bike, you can remove the battery from the inside. This is a very convenient solution for me to take the battery out of the bike and charge it at home. But if you have a garage, then you can not remove the battery, but simply use the plug into which you connect the power adapter.

FIIDO M1 Pro Review: Powerful E-Bike 500W and 12.8Ah Battery

I can also note that the frame itself is made of aluminum alloy. Therefore, the manufacturer tried to make the bike as small as possible, but this was not enough. In addition, the welded joints are not quite as neat as we would like to see. But I note that the structure itself is assembled with high quality and reliability, so I had no problems even on a bad road. In this case, the maximum weight of a person should not exceed 120 kg.

With a bit of wheel information, the FIIDO M1 Pro has got fat 20×4″ tires with good tread for good grip. If these tires are good for a bad road, for example, snow, sand, or mud, then on good asphalt you will get the only discomfort from them, namely a rather high noise.

FIIDO M1 Pro Review: Powerful E-Bike 500W and 12.8Ah Battery

Both the front and rear wheels use disc brakes with a size of 180 mm in diameter. It is a massive disc that will provide quick and safe braking even at maximum speed.

On the rear wheel, there is a wheel motor with a power of 500 W. But I will tell you about its features a little later. Seven Shimano sprockets can also be seen here.

FIIDO M1 Pro Review: Powerful E-Bike 500W and 12.8Ah Battery

There are shock absorbers on the rear and front wheels. But I didn’t really like the rear one, since it has a small piston stroke and one should not expect a lot of strong comfort from it. In addition, both shock absorbers are made from a Chinese brand, which does not inspire much confidence for me. Therefore, how long they will last – I will definitely write in six months of active driving.

FIIDO M1 Pro Review: Powerful E-Bike 500W and 12.8Ah Battery

Many useful features can be seen on the steering wheel. On the left side, there are two beep and light switches, and there is also a standard LED screen. On the right side, a gear selector and an accelerator for supplying power to the wheels were installed. I want to note the good grips on the steering wheel, it was comfortable and confident to hold on to them.

Performance, features, and ride

As I said, the heart of the FIIDO M1 Pro electric bike is a 500W wheel motor. In this case, the system voltage was 48V.

FIIDO M1 Pro Review: Powerful E-Bike 500W and 12.8Ah Battery

A pretty good battery capacity of 12.8 Ah was installed inside the frame. Therefore, the bike is capable of traveling on pure electric traction from 45 to 65 km, depending on the operating conditions. This is a good indicator for a large bike with wheels like this.

If you use several modes, that is, pedal, and use electric traction, then the cruising range will grow to 130 km.

FIIDO M1 Pro Review: Powerful E-Bike 500W and 12.8Ah Battery

On the LED screen, you can analyze your current speed, battery level, see the distance traveled and select three different operating modes. Each mode is responsible for the selected engine power and its movement speed.

Now the most interesting thing is the speed of movement. The maximum speed of FIIDO M1 Pro was about 40 km/h, which is quite a lot for an electric bike. Therefore, I do not recommend driving that fast. And even if you drive, you should always wear a helmet to protect yourself on the road.

Now it is worth telling about my impressions while driving. First of all, I can note that my city is quite mountainous, so I have both large descents and large ascents. But an electric motor with a power of 500 W is not a problem even with a large rise of 30 degrees. The bike can be climbed up the hill very easily and without any problems.

Other than that, I liked the dynamics. Speed ​​picks up very quickly and in a matter of seconds, you can safely conquer any road obstacles. For example, the distance from home to my office is about 4 km and I walk this path for about 10 minutes. It is very fast and most importantly simple and fun.

The braking distance was about 6-7 meters at a maximum speed of 40 km/h. This is not a bad thing for a large bike with wide wheels.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

FIIDO M1 Pro is a well updated electric car compared to the previous model FIIDO M1. It has received a number of major improvements – more power from the electric motor, power supply system, and even battery capacity.

FIIDO M1 Pro Review: Powerful E-Bike 500W and 12.8Ah Battery

After several days of riding the M1 Pro, I got a number of positive emotions that this bike gave me. First of all, I like fat and massive wheels, they provide good grip on bad roads and can drive on any surface in my city.

In addition, I liked the range indicator, but I failed to achieve 130 km. I think the optimal range will be about 80 km.

But it was not without its drawbacks. On the downside of the M1 Pro, I can attribute it to a rather high weight of about 25 kg, so it will be problematic to carry it over obstacles. Also, I did not like the work of the shock absorbers, especially the rear, since the suspension is small. Of course, the biggest problem is the price, which is quite high.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Now you can buy and buy the FIIDO M1 Pro electric bike for $1499.99 with a 25% discount.

Of course, if the price tag were a little lower, I would safely recommend this bike to you. Especially if you have bad roads or none at all.


Competitor and Alternative

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