Features of Oukitel U22 Smartphone with 4 Cameras and Adjusted price

I’m sure you want to renew your device before the summer, but you’re thinking about what’s best to do. We always tell you to take a look at the Chinese market, since there are very attractive offers and devices, which you can not find in our market. It is clear that buying in China has its drawbacks, but also many advantages, such as being able to find smartphones much more complete than in Spain for a similar price. Today we leave you with the Oukitel U22 smartphone, one of the first devices to have 4 cameras.

We know that double cameras have become fashionable, and so Oukitel has wanted to use them in your device. Having two sensors is a very good thing to add shooting modes and more brightness depending on what situations and Chinese companies are increasingly using this type of cameras in their mid-range terminals. The Oukitel U22 is one of them, but with a ‘plus’, as it has 4 cameras.

Oukitel U22 Smartphone: Release date

At the beginning of this, we saw for the first time the Oukitel U22, a device that makes use of 4 cameras in its photographic section. Today we have been able to know the date of reservation of the new device, as well as the stores where you can buy it. On June 26, reservations begin, and a few days later the devices will begin to ship.

Features of Oukitel U22 Smartphone with 4 Cameras and Adjusted price

You can buy the terminal in several Chinese stores of your choice, so it’s all advantages. If you have doubts about the performance of this Oukitel U22, the company has left us a video where we can see the device running two games very popular around the world. As we can see, it is a very fluid device, and you can run these games perfectly.

In addition, Oukitel has confirmed that the device will be compatible with networks around the world, so it is perfect if you have to travel to the United States or countries with networks other than European. If you want more information on where to buy this Oukitel U22, below we will leave you with the website of Oukitel, where you can inform you of all its details and points of sale.

Source: Oukitel

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