Facebook Messenger: Rollout of Instant Games has begun

Facebook has expanded (as already announced in the framework of the F8 developer conference) the Facebook Messenger by a new function. After a test phase, the so-called instant games are now rolled out worldwide and made available to all users.

From now on you can play so-called instant games against your friends in the Facebook Messenger. At the present time, the offer consists of approximately 50 games, which can be started directly in the Facebook Messenger without installation.

Facebook Messenger: Rollout of Instant Games has begun

For example, the Scrabble-like Words with Friends by Zynga, a company with Facebook games years ago gained great fame.

So you start an instant game

Instant games can be launched in the Facebook App’s mobile apps, either via the specially created tab, or the small info icon in the chat view. Since the games are round-based, both participants do not have to be online at the same time and can thus be able to distribute boring breaks during the day.

Once the competition finishes its move, you will, of course, be informed about it and can react accordingly.

Since the Instant Games do not require complex installation via an App-Store, the willingness to use it will be quite high. Personally, I can not imagine, however, in the future via the Facebook Messenger trivial games against my contacts to play.

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