Everycom YG625 Review: 1LCD Full HD Gaming Projector

Today I have a review of one of the interesting models of 1LCD projectors with native Full HD resolution, which is called Everycom YG625.

Last year, I already ran into the Everycom brand when I tested one of its compact projectors called the Everycom R10. It was a budget projector with decent specs.

In this review, I will talk about a completely new model of the device, since Everycom YG625 has something to brag about. Therefore, if you are looking at a full-fledged projector for home use, then perhaps this projector model will be a good choice.

In terms of price, the current price tag for the Everycom YG625 projector is only $195. The manufacturer also offers to additionally order various accessories, such as a TV box, bracket and bag. But you will have to pay extra for this separately.


At the same time, according to technical characteristics, the YG625 device received a native Full HD resolution or 1080 x 1920 pixels. The maximum brightness value was within 7000 lumens and a single 5W speaker was installed in the projector.

I can also highlight that the device received a contrast ratio of 3000: 1 and it was one of the long throw projectors that I was able to test. Therefore, if you are interested in a detailed and complete review of the new projector from Everycom, then I suggest starting your testing with unboxing and appearance.

Everycom YG625: Specifications

Everycom YG625:Specs
Display Technology:LED
Screen aspect ratio:4:3/16:9
Native resolution:1080p
Brightness:7000 Lumens
Projection screen size:50-120 inches
Video Formats:1080p, 720p, AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
Built-in Speaker:Single 5W
Lamp Life:5.000 Hours
Size:310 x 230 x 100 mm
Weight:2800 grams

Unboxing and packaging

The new model of the projector is delivered in a good package, which was made in black. On the front of it, I found a drawing of the device with the designation of the maximum resolution and brightness. But I will talk about these parameters a little later.

Each component was neatly packed inside the box, and the projector itself was completely protected by foam. Therefore, I received the projector in good condition and without any damage. In addition to the projector itself, I found a charging power cable, HDMI cable, remote control, audio cable, instructions for use and a foot for adjusting the tilt angle.

As I said, I ordered myself the most basic version of the device. But if you want an additional portable bag or bracket for mounting on a wall or other place, then these accessories can be purchased separately on the manufacturer’s website.

Design, build quality and materials

I cannot call the new model of the Everycom YG625 projector compact in any way, since its dimensions were 310 x 230 x 100 mm, and its weight was about 2800 grams. Therefore, transporting the device will not be the most comfortable experience. I assume that this projector model needs to be purchased for home or office use. For example, mount the projector on a wall or ceiling and leave it alone.

Everycom YG625 Review: 1LCD Full HD Gaming Projector

In terms of the materials used, everything is not so bad here. The device was made of matte white plastic with black decorative inserts. In addition, the manufacturer drew an interesting pattern in the form of squares at the top of the device.

It doesn’t look all that bad, and the assembled projector was very good. That is, during my testing, I did not find extraneous squeaks and sounds. At the same time, the buttons were pressed with good responsiveness, and in general the build quality was very good.

Everycom YG625 Review: 1LCD Full HD Gaming Projector

On the front side of the Everycom YG625 device, there is an LED lens with an infrared sensor for the remote control. In addition, the lens itself received a removable cap that will protect it from dust and other debris.

Looking at the top of the projector, I found two rings, one for adjusting the focal length and the other for adjusting the tilt angle. Also on the same surface, there is a power button with other control buttons. Therefore, if suddenly you do not have spare batteries on the remote control, then you can control the projector through the buttons on its body without any problems.

Everycom YG625 Review: 1LCD Full HD Gaming Projector

The back of the Everycom YG625 device has received a large number of external connections. For example, this is a VGA port, two USB ports, one HDMI port, AV and 3.5 mm audio headphone jack. Also here you can find another infrared sensor for the remote control. There is also a single-speaker AC adapter.

Everycom YG625 Review: 1LCD Full HD Gaming Projector

As for the sound of this speaker, I really liked how it plays in real life. There are also notes of bass here, and at the maximum volume value, I did not find any wheezing or other annoying sound. Therefore, watching movies or TV shows on a large and bright projector was a pleasure.

Everycom YG625 Review: 1LCD Full HD Gaming Projector

On the right and left sides of the device, there were ventilation holes through which cold air entered and hot air exited. It is worth noting here that these holes should not be covered. That is, the projector must be installed so that cold air enters without obstacles, and hot air exits through the device body. In addition, where cold air enters, there is a filter and, if necessary, must be cleaned or vacuumed. And then your projector will serve you happily ever after.

Everycom YG625 Review: 1LCD Full HD Gaming Projector

The bottom of the Everycom YG625 device received four rubber feet, which dampened vibrations from the projector well. Therefore, the picture was pretty good and clear, but I will talk a little about the quality of the projection screen later. Also on the same part you can find four 4 mm threaded connections for attaching the device to the bracket. There is also a threaded connection for the tilt leg.

Everycom YG625 Review: 1LCD Full HD Gaming Projector

I also want to talk about the remote control, which was made of matte black plastic. It also received standard control buttons – these are power on, volume control, menu, home, backward, sources, volume off and okay. The remote control worked without any complaints and did not cause problems during testing. In addition, it should be said that the remote control is powered by two AAA batteries, but they were not included in the kit.

Image quality, menus and other features

When installing the Everycom YG625 projector for the first time, I found that the device is long-focus. That is, to get a picture with a size of 110 inches, you need to install the projector at a distance of 3.5 meters from the screen. This is quite a lot, as you usually need to install the projector at a distance of 2.6-2.8 meters to get this screen size.

Everycom YG625 Review: 1LCD Full HD Gaming Projector

In my case, I set the projector at a distance of 3 meters and got about a 90 inch projection screen. But before talking about the quality of the transmitted image, let’s go through the main settings menu.

The main settings menu looked very basic, as on most projectors in this price range. For example, here I saw sections like Picture Modes, Color Temperature, Aspect Ratio, Noise Reduction, Screen, Image Direction, and Downsizing. There is also the next section for sound settings, there is also an automatic shutdown timer function. Well, the last section is the choice of the user interface language, receiving updates and others.

Everycom YG625 Review: 1LCD Full HD Gaming Projector

Since I have the most common version of the projector, the device has no other applications and functions. Therefore, you must use the projector with any other external player. This can be a home PC, laptop, TV box, or even a game console. I connected various devices via HDMI connection and I did not find any problems with image transmission.

If we talk about image quality, then the Everycom YG625 device model received good features in the color gamut. The picture was very realistic and reproduced vivid colors on the big screen. I also liked the good black depth, as the contrast was 3000: 1.

Everycom YG625 Review: 1LCD Full HD Gaming Projector

As far as focus is concerned, a slight blurring around the edges of the screen could be seen on the device. But this is actually a common problem with 1LCD projectors. Therefore, to make it pleasant to watch movies, I recommend that you adjust the focus precisely in the central part of it. Since the edges are sometimes deliberately blurred in movies, this will not be a big problem when watching them. Although the detailing was very good and the readability of the text was without any particular complaints.

Everycom YG625 Review: 1LCD Full HD Gaming Projector

I especially liked the maximum brightness value, which was within 7000 lumens. This is a very good result for a budget projector. I could easily turn on the projector during the daytime for children to watch cartoons. But for this I had to close the curtains to prevent excess light from entering.

Therefore, this model of the Everycom YG625 projector will also be useful for presentations where lighting is usually not always dark.

Everycom YG625 Review: 1LCD Full HD Gaming Projector

Although it is best to use the device for its intended purpose at night, since the picture will be the richest, brightest and most contrasting.

Everycom YG625 Review: 1LCD Full HD Gaming Projector

I can also highlight the new model of the Everycom YG625 gaming projector. Because it uses 60Hz refresh rate and the picture lag was about 26ms. This way, when connecting a game console, I didn’t have much of a lag or frame rate issue. Everything worked fine and it was just a pleasure to play on such a large screen. Therefore, gamers will definitely like this projector model.

Well, the last thing I would like to talk about is the noise emitted from the projector itself. For example, during my use, the noise near the device was about 60 dB.

But at a distance of 1 meter, the noise was up to 40 dB. In fact, the noise was quite hiss and was not annoying with its presence while watching videos or playing games.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

After thorough testing of the new model of the Everycom YG625 projector, I was left with a positive impression. The device proved to be not only cool in a bright projection picture, but also in a good and high-quality assembly.

Everycom YG625 Review: 1LCD Full HD Gaming Projector

I also liked the materials used in the manufacture. The case was well built and looked good. In addition, the projector has good detail and a very bright 7000 lumen brightness value.

The device also received a long focal length, so when buying a device, you should definitely pay attention to this parameter. In games, the projector from Everycom will have good features, since the frame rate was from 60 Hz and the latency of the transmitted picture was about 26 ms.

Of the minuses, I can highlight small darkened corners in the projection picture and quite strong noise if the device is near you.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

At the beginning of the review, I said that the cost of the Everycom YG625 projector was very good, which was only $195.99 with a 30% discount. But the seller of the store also offers an additional discount and the device can be purchased even cheaper, about $190.

Therefore, given its cost and minor negative sides, I can definitely recommend a new projector model from Everycom for purchase.


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