Essential Phone vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Infinite Screens to Power

He just introduced Andy Rubin’s new device and left everyone with his mouth open. The new of Essential seems to come from the future and that we already had in the market a great exponent of beauty and technology. Now let’s face the Essential Phone vs Samsung Galaxy S8 to see what each one offers us.

It is clear that this year is very strong bet that the screens fill the entire front of the device. The bet of the new signature of Andy Rubin has generated much stir by the innovator of its forms. It also proposes new and improved features with respect to its rivals.

Essential Phone vs Samsung Galaxy S8, the screens look to the maximum

The only thing we knew about the Essential Phone was that its screen would take advantage of the front by greatly reducing its edges. This, along with the filtered image of Andy Rubin, made us think that it would be a device similar to the Xiaomi Mi Mix. Now that we have been able to see its definitive design its similarity is confirmed. Although its polished and elegant appearance, along with its internal features and innovation bring it closer to the star terminal of Samsung.

Essential phone screen

Essential Phone vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Infinite Screens to Power

The Essential Phone measures 141.5 x 71.1 x 7.8 mm compared to the 148.9 x 68.1 x 8.0 mm of the Samsung Galaxy S8. For this reason, we face these two terminals and does not come into play the Samsung Galaxy S8 +.

As for specifications, both devices are similar. Counting the two with the best of the market. Snapdragon 835 (Exynos 8895 for some Samsung markets) along with 4GB of RAM. For the internal memory the terminal of Essential bet for 128 GB, duplicating the 64 GB that offers Samsung but that adds expansion by means of micro SD cards.

Essential phone camera

Essential Phone vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Infinite Screens to Power

In the cameras we also see differences. A single 12-megapixel sensor with f / 1.7 aperture for the Galaxy S8 and two sensors for the Essential Phone. One 13-megapixel RGB plus another 13-megapixel monochrome with f / 1.8 aperture. We can not know the quality of the Essential sensor but we know that the S8 is at a great level both day and night. We will have to wait for the relevant evidence to see how it is defended under all possible conditions.

The Korean battery is 3000mAh while the American battery is 3040mAh. Practically identical. In daily use, you will see how much you consume. Especially seeing its huge screen, also similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 but with different nuances. To begin with the Essential, we are surprised with a new aspect ratio of 19:10 with IPS panel of 5.77″ and 2560 × 1312 pixels resolution. The Samsung Galaxy S8 offers a 5.8″ display with resolution 2960 × 1440 in an AMOLED panel of ratio 18.5: 9.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen

Essential Phone vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Infinite Screens to Power

Both screens are adjusted to the edge of the device but in different ways. The Samsung curves at the edges to merge with the sides. It also leaves a symmetrical frame both below and above, where it houses sensors, camera, and speaker. The Essential Phone resembles more to the Mi Mix, rushing the lateral edges and superior to the maximum and leaving the lower one a little thicker. But in this case the screen is flat and in the camera and the sensors are inserted inside it, giving the impression of dividing the screen into two. The speaker is incorporated right into the upper corner of the terminal and both devices have the corners of the rounded screens.

In the back we also find differences. Samsung leaves its only main sensor as the central protagonist accompanied by flash, heart rate sensor and a fingerprint reader with a location arguably for its poor ergonomics. Essential Phone keeps the reader in a centered position and with a height more in line with the human hand. Above are the flash, both photographic, the noise canceling microphone and two pins. Yes, the Essential Phone includes pins similar to those of the Moto Z family to be able to incorporate accessories in the purest style of Moto Mods. A very elegant and little intrusive proposal that already incorporates its first accessory, a 360-degree camera.

Essential phone accessories

Essential Phone vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Infinite Screens to Power

This is all we can say for the moment. The Essential Phone has just been introduced but has left a wonderful taste. We will see if the result is as promising as it looks and what remains this fight to be the best device of the year. The cards are on the table.

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