Together with monitor specialist EIZO, Awaqa tested the EIZO FlexScan EV2780 in everyday life. At this point, you will find unpretentious opinions on picture quality, connections, ergonomics or overall processing quality.
On paper, the EIZO Flexscan EV2780 brings everything a good monitor needs to bring along. For example, it provides a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, a glare-free, anti-glare surface or a wide range of brightness control. Thanks to its USB-C connector, it also acts as a hub, for example for the notebook or tablet PC. And even in the switched-off state, the 27-inch model makes a difference thanks to a frame that is only a millimeter thin.

Technical data are only the one, practice experience the other side of the medal. EIZO and Awaqa wanted to know from you how the monitor in everyday life beats. Below you will find the reports of two readers.
My name is Jon. I am currently studying electrical engineering in the field of communications and communications technology. As a student, I spend a considerable part of my time at the PC, whether for laboratory reports and presentations or for microcontroller programming and preparation for examinations. In addition, the PC is for me an entertainment medium for movies and one or the other game.
During the test week, I was able to use the EV2780 extensively in the most diverse tasks. First I had the monitor directly after unpacking via USB-C with my Lumia 950 connected. To my great surprise, this works without problems, although the compatibility list of EIZO states that both Lumia 950 and 950 XL freeze in the connection setup. The connection with my smartphone is for me but no more than a nice gimmick, because over Continuum actually only Office apps and a few other standard apps function. Microsoft, do something!

Then I have the monitor on my desktop PC in the two-monitor setup together with a 24-inch monitor from LG for the processing of old scanned ground plans. I was clear because of the clear difference in the color and detail, why you can spend a monitor for clearly more than 200 euros. For the rest of the week, I have operated the monitor along with my Acer notebook. Here I used the monitor to program, create diagrams and to stream movies.
For the programming was the sRGB color scheme excellently suitable and for the longer reading of texts was the paper mode very pleasant. For me is rather too glaring is the movie setup, so I have created my own preset for a pleasantly warm movie night. In this context, however, I have also noticed that the integrated IntelHD graphics when streaming in 1440p meets its limits and the picture is more beautiful and fluent when the notebook mostly sleeping GeForce 940MX is connected.
The monitor can be easily removed from the package and installed. Afterward, he stands firmly on the beautifully flat stand. With the small black lever at the bottom of the foot, I wondered if the really must be so loose. The access to the plug connections could be somewhat easier to achieve. A possibility to lock the pedestal would be great because it “drops” when the screen is lifted down. The display sits slightly loose in the housing at the edges, which leads to slightly different edge overhangs.

“In the development, everything was done right from the point of view of the panel, the connections and the loudspeakers have a potential for improvement.”

Otherwise, the EIZO-Monitor offers a very good picture impression with great detail and color representation. Feintuning options are huge thanks to self-defined presets. The EV2780 is a great monitor with an amazingly great picture in terms of color and details but unfortunately is not in the budget of a normal student.
The Eizo EV2780 can be easily removed from the environmentally friendly packaging. The cables are clearly packaged, but I miss an HDMI cable. The pedestal is child-friendly to mount and offers an absolutely stable support in every situation. The rotating function of the pedestal makes it possible to rotate the monitor in any direction. The height adjustment I feel almost as slightly too easy, here a button for a locking possibility would have been reasonable. When changing the monitor, I was a bit disturbed.
The monitor is optimally processed. The one-millimeter narrow frame and matt black housing make the EV2780 elegant and simple. Maybe it was just me, but I was always tempted to press the screen instead of the function buttons in the setup menu because the options are displayed above the function buttons on the monitor. An illumination of the functional display would have been an advantage.
The USB-C connection is a real enrichment for every conference room. Easy connection with only one cable – that fits beautifully!
For the office area, especially when editing texts, the Eizo EV2780 is already a real luxury object. A great plus for me is the EcoView function and the generous selection of ergonomic settings. For office applications, the EV2780 scores with high color rendering and contour sharpness. Also, the settings for the screen leave nothing to be desired.

However, the Eizo EV2780 comes with a price of 987 euros not exactly favorable, therefore. This is really a board! In the office environment, EcoView is a great feature. The high price impacts on me personally, however, a bit daunting. Due to the low refresh rate (60Hz), the gaming fun is a bit clouded.

Source: Eizoglobal

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