Edifier X3 To u Review: Improved TWS Earbuds for $30

Edifier has released a special series of wireless earbuds called Edifier X3 To u. From the name, it’s easy to guess that the new earbuds are almost the same as the Edifier X3. If you haven’t read my review for the X3, then I’ll leave a link here.

In this review, you will find out what global changes have received the new version of the X3 To u earbuds. And also I will tell you about the main advantages and disadvantages of the updated series.

I want to pay a little attention to cost before talking about sound and its function. Currently, during Black Friday week, you can get the Edifier X3 for a very nice price of around $32. The price tag is very tempting considering that the first generation costs almost the same, but now the Edifier X3 will cost you a little over $ 20.


The main differences are the presence of two new color options, a Type-C port for charging, a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, and even a good battery capacity.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the main question – is it worth buying a new version of wireless earbuds if you already have an Edifier X3.

Edifier X3 To u: Specifications

Edifier X3 To u:Specs
Impedance:32 ohms
Driver unit:8mm Dynamic Drivers
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:aptX and SBC
Charging Time:120 min
Music Time:5-6h

Unboxing and packaging

Depending on the ordered color of the earbuds, the appearance of the box at Edifier X3 To u will also be different. There are two colors – pink and blue. My test is blue, so the box is blue. But if you order pink earbuds, the box will also be pink.

The appearance of the Edifier X3 To u and Edifier X3 boxes has been completely redesigned. For example, on the front, there is only the name of the model and company and also the slogan. On the back of the box is a summary of the technical specifications and features.

The packaging itself is made of durable and sturdy cardboard and in appearance, it is difficult to say that the Edifier X3 To u model is budget and not premium. Inside the box, I found separately lying earbuds and a charging box, instructions for use, a Type-C charging cable, and a set of ear tips.

The first and most important difference between the two TWS earbuds is the colors and the new Type-C charging connection. Let me remind you that the last generation Edifier X3 had only a Micro-USB port.

Design, build quality and materials

Edifier X3 To u is completely identical wireless earbuds as the previous generation. That is, the appearance and quality of materials are completely similar to the Edifier X3 version.

Edifier X3 To u Review: Improved TWS Earbuds for $30

For example, I can attribute the main difference – these are only other color options for the headphone housing and charging box. But to be honest, I don’t really like blue and pink. I would like the manufacturer to leave it in black as well, as it was on the X3.

Now a little about the materials of use, Edifier X3 To u received a matte plastic, which is very pleasant in the hand. Besides, I always like the matte material as it is more wear-resistant than glossy. At the same time, the build quality is at a pretty good level, all connections are assembled accurately and do not have any squeaks or other sounds.

Edifier X3 To u Review: Improved TWS Earbuds for $30

As I said, the design has completely remained the same, so the convenience and comfort will be the same as on the X3 version. The weight remained the same – it is about 4 grams and wearing it even for a long period of time did not cause discomfort to me.

Another positive side I can note is the presence of protection against water under the IP55 standard. Therefore, you can not be afraid of a little rain or sweat.

Edifier X3 To u Review: Improved TWS Earbuds for $30

A few words about the charging box of the new Edifier X3 To u wireless earbuds. It also did not receive any changes and the appearance remained the same as on the Edifier X3 model. In addition, the charging box has matte plastic and was quite comfortable in the hand. It is not very large in size and can easily fit into a jeans pocket.

I had no complaints about the assembly, for example, the lid opens easily and I did not notice a strong backlash. Inside the box, there are seats for earbuds with two charging contacts.

As I said, the main change is the appearance of a Type-C connection on the back of the case. I think this is a great chance that many users lacked in the previous Edifier X3.

Connection, latency, and control

The connection method is wireless and the Edifier X3 To u earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0 version. The manufacturer talks about the Qualcomm chip, which received aptX and SBC audio codecs. I was a little surprised that the headphones weren’t affected by the AAC audio codec.

Edifier X3 To u Review: Improved TWS Earbuds for $30

Despite this, my smartphone connected to the aptX codec without any problems. But if you have an iPhone then you can only use the SBC codec. On my test, the signal quality was always stable, even through two walls or at a distance of up to 10 meters from the source.

As for the latency, there was practically no delay when listening to music or watching videos on Youtube. But during the games, the delay was noticeable. Therefore, I can conclude that these earbuds are definitely not designed for games.

Edifier X3 To u Review: Improved TWS Earbuds for $30

Touch control Edifier X3 To u remained the same as on the X3 model. For example, you can control play, pause, receive or drop calls, switch tracks, and call the voice assistant. But there is still no volume control function.

Sound and microphone quality

Edifier X3 To u are completely identical earbuds as the Edifier X3 model. Therefore, the sound quality remains the same. As I said in the last review, I’m not sure what the size of the driver is, but I’m guessing about 8mm.

Edifier X3 To u Review: Improved TWS Earbuds for $30

Low frequencies got good bass, but I cannot call it very strong and dynamic. But considering that these are budget inexpensive earbuds, I play low frequencies well.

The mids and highs were not even touched, but on the Edifier X3 version, they played well. Of course, I would like to get at least minor changes in sound quality, but they are not here. Musical instruments play distinctly and you can hear each instrument separately. Even at maximum volume, I did not find very annoying sounds in the high-frequency range.

If we talk about the quality of the microphone, then the Edifier X3 To u uses the CvC 8.0 noise reduction technology. The exact same version was on the last generation X3. Thus, the quality of the microphone remains the same. In quiet places, the interlocutors will hear you quite well, but in noisy places, the quality will drop significantly.

Battery and run time

It was easy to guess that the battery life of the new version of the Edifier X3 To u earbuds remained the same as on the X3 model. Each earbud uses a 60mAh battery inside.

Edifier X3 To u Review: Improved TWS Earbuds for $30

Thus, the earbuds can work at the maximum volume level for about 5 hours, and at 60% volume level for about 8 hours. If you also use a charging box with a 500 mAh battery, the battery life will increase to 24 hours.

But the time to fully charge through the Type-C connection remained the same – about 2 hours. Here I would like to see a slightly different indicator.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

Edifier X3 To u – from a technical point of view, the new earbud model is completely the same as the X3 version. For example, she received a comfortable and light fit, good protection from sweat and splashes.

Edifier X3 To u Review: Improved TWS Earbuds for $30

In addition, I liked the untouched solution in terms of the materials used – it’s matte plastic. But the color options remained only in pink and blue. Of course, I would like to see black here, as it was on the Edifier X3 version.

I still can’t get past the sound quality that has remained completely intact. It’s a bit silly to expect a miracle from budget earbuds, although I can’t call it sounding bad given its low cost.

Of the shortcomings, I can note – this is the lack of a volume control function and the microphone is not of the best quality. In general, if you already have an Edifier X3 model, then I see no reason to buy a new one.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Currently, you can get the special Edifier X3 To u series of wireless earbuds at a tempting price point – just $ 32.39 with a 46% discount.

I think the value will rise slightly after the Black Friday sales. Therefore, if you need inexpensive earbuds, then I advise you to get the Edifier X3 To u at a really good price.

But if you are on a tight budget, I can turn your attention to the previous generation Edifier X3, which is not much worse than the X3 To u model, but here the price tag is $ 10 even lower.


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